Thursday, January 5, 2012

How Bath and Body works ruined my wall

What's worse than products not working as well as you expect? Products ruining your personal belongings or hurting you. Think I am overreacting? Let me show you something...

For years I've loved Bath and Body Works. My home always smells like Japanese Cherry Blossom, since it's a gentle and pleasant smell that's not too invasive on most noses. But it seems like I'll have to look for another place to find my room fresheners and such. Why? Well, let's see here:

What is that? Oh, that's just a Bath and Body Works candle that EXPLODED. There I am sitting at my laptop and working when a piece of glass lands on my mouse - hand. Was the glass cracked beforehand? Nope. Was there anything hot near the candle? Nope. Yet somehow the glass cracks and I end up cleaning up small pieces of glass from between my keyboard keys. WHAT? Well, that's a waste of $10, my time and some band-aids. Whatever, I thought, and kept going on with my life.

There I am, going on with my life when I realize that my home smells less and less like Japanese Cherry Blossom. Well, that sucks! So I check my three Wallflowers (if you don't know what they are, here's a photo):

(Product photo from Bath and Body Works website)

Turns out they have stopped working as well. All three of them. First my bedroom, then my bathroom, and lastly, my living room. It hasn't even been six months, so that shouldn't be happening...But since it's past the return date and I definitely don't even have the receipts (I don't keep any past 3 months, because I expect products to work from then on), I am screwed right there. It's sad when the refills you bought out-last the Wallflower itself. Just...sad. There goes another $25.50 for three Wallflowers. Plus I've got 2 more 4-packs of refills left with no use. Great.

Now, you may think that the story ends here with me complaining about products that don't work, blah blah and that I am a complaining bitch. Well, the last one is true, but wait til you hear my last straw story...Watch this:

What in the world is that?
Oh, that's just another Bath and Body Works product EXPLODING on me and this time getting the liquid all over my wall, floor and baseboard. A little cleanup should do the trick, so it's nothing but my time and product wasted, right? Wrong.

The bulb refill liquid caused the paint on my wall and baseboard to bubble up and come off! Oh, nothing big, just a few hundred to repair. Can you believe this? Not only did I lose The Wallflowers, the refill, but now I have to match the paint to my wall and baseboard, sand and re-paint both, not to mention the fact that it will always look different, unless I repaint the whole baseboard or it will just drive me crazy.

All in all, FUCK.
I generally don't do this kind of dramatic complaining thing, but I just can't stand the damage their products have done, while I was using them as I was supposed to.

Hello repairs and lost money, good bye buying any more crap from them. Happy New Year.


  1. never buy their candle or stuff like that.. thanks for sharing.. poor u!!
    I like Yankee candles

  2. It really seemed to be a bad situation for you regarding about how bath and body works ruined your wall. I think that there must be some problem about those products. It would be great it if you try to call their hotline and report about what happen.

  3. The kicker is, I had called the two of my local stores to see whether or not they would exchange them for the same (but working) products [this is what they tell you to do when you contact customer service on their website], and both of them said I'd need a receipt. Now, it may be just me, but I don't keep receipts for things I bought 6 months ago, unless they are electronics, so I am pretty much screwed... :(

  4. I've heard many things about Yankee candles and they seem to be in a variety of scents...I may have to check them out, thank you :3

  5. holy crap, a candle exploding is dangerous! I used to love Wallflowers, but they'd stop working in a couple weeks and stain my walls, so I stopped. haven't given them a chance since then. I do have two Yankee Candles (that I think were 11$ each? /on sale) that haven't given me any problems and they smell delicious. sorry to hear that there was so much damage :(

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  7. I've heard so many people liking the Yankee candles - I might really have to give them a try instead of these. I don't want to pick any more glass out from in between my keys...
    Thanks for the suggestion :3