Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Much belated Valentine's Day post

How did you guys spend your Valentine's day? I went to Los Angeles to spend time with my valentine and go on all sorts of adventures. Most of them including food!

I was going to drive there (from San Jose-ish area -> Los Angeles), which would have taken me about 6 hours. My mother, being as worried about everything as she is and I, having a test late Monday night, decided that it would be better to fly. So, with last-minute plane tickets secured, I packed up my suitcase and realized that I'd have to get up at 3am to make it to the airport on time. Whoops. Here, as punishment, you may have this half-asleep, drugged-out looking face. This is about 9am, an hour or so after I arrived:

You like that? YEAH YEAH? WANT MORE?
I honestly have no idea what is going on in my head at this moment. I feel that it's nothing too coherent, but I give up. Why? Because I had brought a bottle of BAWLS with me [side note: it's the only energy drink I can stand and the only one that works for me]. It will be better soon, I swear...

I won't really go into the details, because who gives a damn about two people enjoying the company of each other, but there are a few awesome things I must mention.

First, I picked a kick-ass place for dinner. I love French food, he loves French food and French food can be pricey, not to mention various qualities. I had spent quite a few hours, while still at home, looking up reviews and researching various restaurants around the Los Angeles area. Finally, I came across Cheval Blank and the menu sounded pretty awesome. So I made a reservation and off we went.

It was KICK ASS. Yes, I had to repeat that. When I was younger (think 15-19), I worked at a local French restaurant, that had similar pricing and high class reviews and man, oh, man! I think I found the next best thing! All the dishes were delicious, but I must single out Duck Confit, because it was like eating [insert something delicious and possibly inappropriate here]. I may or may not want to just live at the restaurant now, and they can pay me in Duck Confit. Yeah, that's how good it was.

Our waitress was super sweet and took a photo. My valentine is one of those people who dislike "kissy" photos, so he surprised me when at the last moment, he planted one on my cheek. And he will probably kick my butt for even posting this. Oh, well!

After fancy-dress, nice makeup, pretty hair evening, we woke up and were off to Salton Sea for some camping. Didn't figure me for a nature type, did you? Well, neither did I, until recently. Namely, this: my first camping trip in FOREVER.

On the way to the camp location, we decided to do some UrbEx on the way [I am not going to disclose the location, because we are not quite done with it yet, sorry...]. Let me tell you - being in a burnt down home that has child's toys in it is quite morbid:

Right? Tell me you don't have stories popping into your head about how this fire happened...Because I definitely do, quite a few, actually. And they all terrify me!

But terrifying things aside...after all this exploration madness, this guy here goes and makes Lemon Meringue pie for a mentor of his. Man, I dislike lemon pies, but this one was goooood--
Also, I like this shot. Makes me almost a pro, with my dSLR and all. Just kidding. "Just because you own a dSLR, does not make you a photographer" - I stand with that statement. I do enjoy the d90, because of all the options (and because I am better with complex things than simple...)

Now I just made myself hungry. Good job, Alina...
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

But it's okay, because I also got to visit Vivienne Westwood shop while in LA and fell in love with these:

They have a giant zipper and are awesome. Since my birthday is coming up, I hinted to my family that I want these. However, I doubt that it will happen, so this photo currently sits on my desktop, taunting me and making me drool a little bit. Oh, Vivienne Westwood...I love your work a little too much--

Speaking of awesome things:

Titanium rings are pretty damn epic. So is the paleness of my hand. HAH!
Since I was given mine a few years back, I fell in love with Titanium jewelry - it's so easy to maintain and does not tarnish like silver. Plus, if you need self-defense, you've got some right on your finger! Right?

And on that happy note, I shall stop rambling for the day.


Okay, maybe not...I forgot to mention that I am going to be visiting My Glam warehouse on Friday, and participating in the panel with the Glam Girls! I am quite excited, because not too many things happen around this area, and when they do, I am busy doing something else. BOO!
The event is from 9.30am - 4pm and I think I may actually revive my twitter/instagram for this.

Until next time,

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