Monday, December 12, 2011

Sephora: temptress in disguise

I've noticed that quite a few of my previous posts are about things I've purchased at Sephora either with the Friends & Family sale, VIB sale or this following one: VIB gift card. Craziness.
Aside being amazing by carrying so many different brands, they have an exceptional return policy and quite a few sales and freebies. Does not help my addiction at all. This is awful.

However, I ended up purchasing more things *sigh*
I got a $20 coupon from Sephora by email ($20 off $50), and I got seduced by the good deal, so I gave in and purchased a Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush (in Blissful) and YSL Rouge Volupté Lipstick (in Peach Passion).

The blush packaging is super slick and tiny, which seems like a rip for a $25 blush, but from what I saw when I swatched it, it's incredibly pigmented, so I don't expect to run through this that quickly:

The design is nice, but I assume I will flatten it out quickly enough:

See what I mean about pigmentation? Blissful has a somewhat peachy side to it, which I was excited about, since I don't have any peachy blushes yet. So pretty:

Have I mentioned that I am addicted to YSL? Their packaging is to die for, even the shiny outside box :3 shiny~

And just look at the lipstick packaging itself >.< Definitely feels anything but cheap and makes me feel like a real lady:

There's a good amount of product in there as well, just a few dabs will get full coverage on the lips, therefore I expect this to last forever:

The color actually makes me think that I may have subconsciously picked two peachy items on purpose, which I hadn't. MAGIC. Not really, but hey~

I've been wearing the YSL lipstick for a few hours at this point and it's super creamy. I did end up eating and transferring the lipstick to my fork, but I am not going to judge it harshly just yet. I'm not used to such creamy lipsticks, so it will take a bit to get used to.

As for blush, the swatch is still on my hand, even though I tried to rub it off a bit. I am not wearing any makeup aside from that, so I will wait to judge the blush when I decide to make myself up and be all pretty <3


  1. ahhh! so want a Tarte blush, still haven't caved, but I will eventually. Blissful looks nice, and so does that YSL lippie! I have 3 (rather similar shades..) but they're in rectangular packaging. the definitely prefer the packaging of yours! I'll be on the look out for reviews on these :)

  2. So far, I love the blush - one light touch with a stippling brush and WHOMP! Loads of color. Or maybe I am just that pale >///< Will definitely do a review on this later on after I wear it for a bit.

    The lipstick I feel may be too creamy or I am not wearing it right, so it loses color after way too little time. I'll give it time as well, but I don't know how much better it will get...

  3. my YSL lippies don't last very long by themselves either, need to reapply throughout the day :/