Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday Spotlight: ApHogee Two-Step Protein Treatment

Part III of the of the "Sunday Spotlight" series. hair is so damaged after going blonde and straightening my hair, that I was looking for the best treatment for damaged hair. After all the research, I came across a YouTube girl (I forgot where it was, because I've watched so many of them, but once I find it, I will post it!) talking about her damaged hair and that she used this "Protein Treatment" she got at Sally's Beauty I had to jump on it and try it out. Here's what happened:

ApHogee Two-Step Protein Treatment

Comes in two sizes: 4oz bottle - $9 and 16oz bottle - $25. You can purchase them at your local Sally's Beauty Supply, or on their online store. If you have their pro-card, it's cheaper, of course! If you are unsure or don't have SUPER damaged hair and just want to do this as a one-time-thing, buy the small bottle, but if your hair is like mine, I definitely would recommend the big bottle.

It claims:
- Rebuilds hair structure within six weeks
- Ideal for permed, tinted or relaxed hair
- Stops hair breakage
- Aphogee Two Step Protein Treatment is a unique treatment formulated with magnesium and modified proteins which fuse into the hair with the application of heat. The result is that breakage is drastically reduced. ApHogee Two-Step Protein Treatment is a salon service product unlike any product available for at-home use. During the process, ApHogee treatment hardens into the hair, dramatic evidence that something special is occurring

Personal experience:
I bought this with really high hopes of a miracle. What happens after the treatment is what I call magic. First off, I have to say that this is not the easiest/fastest treatment to "administer" to your hair and it takes time and patience and it smells really bad...but the results are worth it.
- First you wash your hair as usual, towel dry, and apply the treatment
- Comb through your hair with a wide-tooth comb, very gently
- Blow-dry your hair until it is crunchy and crispy - like you put too much product in it
- Jump back into the shower, wash it off, and apply conditioner as usual
- Proceed with your usual styling afterwards
See how lengthy this is? You have to wash your hair twice, essentially, so it takes time. The clerk at Sally's (she is a licensed hair stylist, too) recommended I use it three times a week, based on the damage done to my hair. This means that three time a week, I have to do this ritual *facedesk* YES, it takes a while. YES it is worth it. YES I regret damaging my hair ;__;
After I finish drying my hair once the treatment is complete, the ends are super smooth and silky and the hair is not tangled as usual. It's easy to brush and manage and is less breakable. I love it! The obvious downside is that once I stop doing this treatment, the hair eventually goes back to the icky gross mess!
Overall, I've been trying so many things on my hair right now that I love things that work for the moment. Obviously, there is no way to repair my hair permanently, so I keep searching for treatment that will keep for the longest and makes my hair easier to manage. Currently, ApHogee Two-Step Protein Treatment is it. Once I am done with this bottle, I am hoping to find something cheaper - it's quite on the expensive side, but definitely more worht it than the Macadamia Natural Oil treatments for such heavy damage.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Spotlight: Oliveology

Part II of the of the "Sunday Spotlight" series. I have to mention right off the bat that I did receive a sample of this product for review consideration, however, since I had been religiously using this product for over a year now and have repurchased it for my own money, I can still add this to the series without feeling guilty. Enjoy!

Oliveology Natural Shave Gel

Comes in two sizes: 8oz bottle - $12 and 2oz bottle - $5. You can purchase them at Oliveology Website, or you could get it from Amazon, with free shipping options etc.

It claims:
- In addition to shaving hairs, your razor leaves your skin completely receptive to nourishing moisturizers. Shaving regularly with Oliveology will keep your skin moist and supple
- Besides olive oil, other carefully chosen ingredients in Oliveology are; aloe vera, sap from the sangre de grado tree, and antioxidant vitamins A, D and E
- Most shave products contain irritating chemicals, which dries the skin. Oliveology contains no irritating chemicals, and in fact will moisturize your skin
- 100% All Natural - Made with Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil
- Easy To Use - A fast, easy and economical solution to obtaining 'A Perfect Shave'
- Extends life of blade - Oil lubricants in Oliveology keep razors from dulling or rusting
- High Lubricity - Helps razors cleanly slice the hair shaft, reducing ingrown hairs
- Conditions - Natural conditioners soften coarse hairs to reduce razor drag.

Personal experience:
Like I mentioned above, I was in contact with Oliveology and they sent me two of their 8oz bottles of shave gel to test out and review (quite a while ago, actually). I used it, loved it, got lazy to review, ran out, and bought more. I haven't used any other shave products in a year, because I do love these products and I still have some left! My favorite parts were about how moisturizing the gel was and how long the shave lasts. Usually, after shaving, I would have to moisturize with lotions or use baby lotion, but with Oliveology Shave Gel, I do not have to. The shave lasts about 4-5 days, when I usually get a good stubble by day 2-3 with other shave products. Another lovely thing is the packaging - where the aerosol packaged shave gels are pretty big with tiny amount of product in them. With this product, what you see is what you get, and if you go traveling, you can always pour some into a travel container. It's perfect. A very small amount is needed to cover a large area and while I've been using it for over a year, I've gone through 2.5 bottles right to this point. Worth it? I think so! Would I recommend this product? YES! Especially if you are interested in trying a different product from the ever so popular shave gels in the aerosol containers. TSA- friendly, too~

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Spotlight: Macadamia Natural Oil

Welcome to my new series! I've been trying out various products (hair, makeup, even foods) that I've been falling in love with, so I'm feeling up to sharing them all with you. Every Sunday, I will post something that I love and the reasons why I love it. These posts are non-sponsored and are driven by my trial-and-error mentality. Enjoy!

Let me start off by admitting my absolute stupidity. I went blonde last summer and since I had dark hair, it took three or so bleach sessions to get to where I wanted to be. Of course, that was not enough for me, and I chemical straightened my hair, against my hair stylist's recommendation. What's worse, is that I did it myself with a friend's help. UGH. Don't EVER do that. I beg you! Within 6 months, I bleached my hair three times, colored it a few times, and chemically straightened it. I am an idiot, and my hair is now breaking left and right, is extremely difficult to manage and is very dry and thin. Ew, gross. This is the reason I've been looking around for moisturizing and repairing products for my hair. For a while now, I don't buy anything without reading at least a few reviews, so I went internet-traveling and reading up on hair care. I'd come across a few YouTube and blog reviews of Macadamia products and I was intrigued. The products that interested me the most were the Healing Oil Treatment and the Deep Repair Masque.


Comes in four sizes: 0.34oz - $6.50, 1oz - $13.50, 4.2oz - $39.95, 10oz - $75.00
Personally, I thought it was incredibly expensive and tried to find a place where I could buy this cheaper. I ended up buying it from, where I got the 4.2oz for $30.40, which is the best deal so far. Ulta seems to sell them as well, but their coupons do not count towards Macadamia products...*sigh*

It claims:
- intense nourishment for tangle & frizz free hair
- hair that is ultra-smooth, manageable & shiny
- natural UV protection extends the life of color treatments
- reduced drying time by an amazing 40-50%

Personal experience:
- Nourishment wise, it's pretty amazing. My ends are all over the place without it, but after using this on the ends and the rest of the length, the split ends seem to disappear. Please note that there is no way to repair split ends completely, but this gives an illusion of healthy hair and the ends do not break off, which is GREAT!
- Smoothness and shine are definitely there! The trick is to get some of the treatment on your hands, and work through the whole hair length, then brush through with a widetooth comb, otherwise you may end up with clumps of hair that have the treatment and clumps that do not.
- The UV protection is one thing that I cannot vouch for. I had my hair dyed red at some point and this did not really prevent it from washing out. Although, I should note that red is the hardest color to keep in, especially on such porous hair, so it may not be able to keep that promise on such damaged hair.
- Reduced drying time is something I was really excited about and I definitely got it! It may not have been 50%, more like 25%-30%, yet it's still quite helpful! It's also been easier to brush my hair through without any breakage while using this product. LOVE!

Overall, the quality of the product is amazing! I love it! The price point is quite high, but the product does what it claims, so I decided to swallow the price. Would I repurchase it? Honestly, not for a while. I think I will keep looking for something that does a similar job for less. However, if I don't find anything that comes close, I will repurchase this product!


Comes in four sizes: 1oz - $4.00, 3.3oz - $15.00, 8.5oz - $33.00, 16.9 - $49.00
Like with the Healing Oil Treatment, I thought it was a bit pricey and went off to to purchase mine from there. I got the 8.5oz for $25.60, which is a much better price.

It claims:
- combines Macadamia & Argan oils with chamomile oil, aloe and algae extract
- deep nourishment & long-lasting conditioning
- ultra-conditioning hair reconstruction

Personal experience:
- This is a real luxury! The product smells great, leaves your hair soft as a baby's and temporarily heals split ends. The downside is that you have to keep it on for a while (it is a hair MASQUE), and it can be bothersome. I used it about once a week, left it on for about 20 minutes at a time and then my hair would be soft for the following 2-3 days.

Did the price point prove worth it? In the beginning, I loved this product, but then I realized that I could do this with almost any conditioner and add some Healing Oil to imitate this product at least a bit. Since I used quite a bit of it (most of the length of my hair was damaged, so I had to use more than most people), I ran out pretty quickly, in about 3 months. Do I regret buying it? No. However, I don't think I will be repurchasing it again.

In closing

If you're interested in testing out just one product out of the line, I suggest it's the Healing Oil Treatment. Because it comes in such a variety of sizes, if you are unsure, get the smaller size and see how it goes. A little of this product goes a long way, so use it sparingly! For an extra spa-treatment-feel, add a few drops of this treatment to your conditioner and leave it on for a while, and you'll see how soft your hair becomes. Please note that once you stop using these products, your hair will go back to it's original state.

Have you guys tried anything from this line? If so, which products and what did you think of them? If anything, I think I will re-purchase the Healing Oil Treatment in the future.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Did you know that MyGlam is having a giveaway on their Facebook Page? You can win an Urban Decay Medium Vault, full of 30 of their new eye-shadows just for posting your favorite eye-shadow look!

"FIRST GIVEAWAY ALERT: Glammies, Get your chance to win your very own Urban Decay Medium Vault with 30 new eye shadows. Simply upload a photo of your favorite eye look and write in the caption what your favorite Urban Decay eyeshadow color is and why. We want to see your looks on you and if you can squeeze in how you'll use your new Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Pencil, that would be great, too! Can't wait to see all of your fabulous photos! The contest will run until the end of the month. Good luck, Glammies! xoxo"

I was about to slap on some eye-shadow, just like I do every morning, just before heading out...but then I realized that it would just be an insult to do that. Instead, I sat down with pen and paper and designed something special as a tribute to the Glam Girls. I may have taken this contest a little bit too seriously and went full out.
The Glam Girls and the whole team work so hard and long hours on our bags and all the questions they get sent, that I believe they deserve something in return. I hope they enjoy the end product of my imagination, knowing that I was thinking of them throughout the design :D

I'd used absolutely everything from the April Glam Bag in this look, as well as some items I got from Dermstore with the MyGlam coupon. Use ALL the things!
The rest of the products used will also be listed as I post full photos of them--

Side note: I LOVE the All Belle lashes. They are very easy to attach and they are quite nice to wear! So for those who were complaining about them - please give them a chance :)

I spent a few hours on this, specifically:
Sketch design: 45 minutes
Nails: 1 hour
Wig styling: 30 minutes
Makeup application: 1 hour
Removal: 15 minutes (sooo much makeup XD)
Total time: 3.5 hours (oh, boy!)

The theme is all based on my favorite UD eye-shadow, which is "Alice" (Painkiller). MyGlam also hoped we'd use the new UD 24/7 Glide-On Pencils we got in our Glam Bags, which I did :D I got "Junkie" and it was perfect for my waterline. It's so beautiful!

Would I wear this out? Yes. Especially when I am working makeup on a show, I like looking nice and flashy, makes for a great ice-breaker and conversation starter. The actors/models relax easier if they see that I am serious ^_^

Enough useless ramble, here come some photos:

I decided not to do any edits on the photo, except for cropping. I felt like it would be cheating if I tweaked anything else :p

Do you see the "fish-scales?" Yep! Easily achieved with a fishnet stocking or tulle fabric! Interesting designs can be achieved with lace or lace fabric as well! Try it out sometime~

I used "Junkie" as a lip-liner, which is quite easy to work with, even though it's not meant for lips...

"O-ho-ho-ho-ho~" What was so funny? Oh, just the mess I was making with all the makeup scattered absolutely everywhere! Also a nice way to see a close-up of the nail decoration.

A full set of nails. It may not look it, but I'd used three different types of glitter on these. Yikes! Speak of being a perfectionist. Or maybe it's just because I am an artist...who can tell :p

Here are the nail polishes used in the decoration of these nails: Rimmel [Green with Envy], China Glaze [Snow Globe], OPI [Absolutely Alice], Winmax [not sure on color - gotten at Daiso]

My favorite Urban Decay eye-shadow: Alice (original name: Painkiller). I like how they re-named the eye-shadows in the Alice in Wonderland palette~

The other eye-shadow I used was Inglot 338, which is a blue-teal matte eye-shadow and it's incredibly easy to work with. So much love~

The rest of the products used: Dermstore [Lip Quench], Urban Decay [S&M], Bobbi Brown [Black Ink], MAC [Teal Pigment], MyGlam Brushes, Urban Decay [Junkie], All Belle Lashes.

Overall look, including full face, wig and nails~
Man, I wish I could rock the teal lips every day! This makes me so happy for some reason~

And the dorky reflection photo...mmm...delicious! pre-styling wig, so excuse the messies~

What do you guys think? Was the work worth 3.5 hours? Are you guys going to participate in the giveaway? I would be ecstatic to get such a delicious prize! Come on - 30 eye-shadows from Urban Decay! So amazing!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Visiting with MyGlam HQ

I had a great and productive day today, how about you?

So, this Tuesday, MyGlam Facebook page had an announcement for Bay Area Glammies to participate in a feedback pannel. Given that I have opinions about everything in life, I decided to email them my application, hoping that I'd get picked. Being a lucky duck that I am, I got an email right back inviting me to join the team on Friday, March 2nd (today) to discuss the future of MyGlam. I was ecstatic! My, how fun does that sound?

Well, I got all dolled up and went to their offices this morning (in San Mateo), equipped with the signed NDS (Non Disclosure Statement) form, my camera and my awesome self.
[Please note that because of the sensitivity of some of the material discussed, a lot of it will be omitted in the post. This is really more of a personal omg, I had fun post, than an informative one. Although, I am hoping it will be somewhat informative too. We will see when I get done typing it...]

Before I go any further, I must mention how nervous I was before this - I mean...
I had no idea how big or small this place was going to be, how personal it all is or how welcoming these people would be towards us.

The feeling changed immediately as I opened the door to the office and was welcomed with happy faces. How can you not love these girls:

[I am not going to be mentioning any names, unless they comment on their own to protect their privacy. No stalking, loves!]
I am sure you recognize me and a few other girls, but can you guess which ones are working there and which ones are visiting? Hmmmm...

Also, I could not help myself and had to snap an Instagram photo of this banner. It's just so...awesome. Feels like all the photos should be taken in front of it:

Fun facts I learned throughout the day:
- MyGlam strives to differentiate itself apart from "subscription" services such as Birchbox etc by providing their consumers with more of a community than just a way to try out new stuff
- Unlike a lot of large volume customer service representatives out there, Glam Girls actually go through every single one of your questions submitted through the tickets and reply to them personally. There is no computer program scanning for key words and shooting you a generic email that does not answer your question - it's actual people actually reading your concerns and trying to solve them for you.
- There are people behind everything - no part of your Glam Bag is assembled by a machine. It's real people, really putting their hard work into each and every one of them.
- There will be many exciting things coming into the community in the near future.
- These people believe in what they are doing - it's about you, about the community and about beauty.

Delicious sandwiches provided by the MyGlam team. Yummy! Another fun fact: Instagram filters make everything look cooler. Just sayin'

And then came the discussion was long, it was intense and I believe a lot of great ideas were shared by a lot of creative and intelligent people. I am glad I was a part of this and that I got to meet these incredible human beings!

Just before departing for the warehouse tour, a group photo is in order. These people make it happen, but not without you!

I am quite excited to mention that we got to meet Michelle Phan herself, and have her participate in our discussion. She is quite a smart and sweet person, and her style makes me a happy camper. Her shoes were bomb. Side note - I look way too tall:

There is one photo I took at the warehouse that I will post and talk about, just because I believe it is important to address and does not reveal any secrets, really:

See that? That's a past (January) Glam Bag. Except it's a bunch of defective ones. You know what this means? This means that a human being is testing out your bag to make sure that it comes to you non-defective and in the best condition possible. This means that a human being is packaging your bag and that they try to ensure the quality of the bag, the products and how they are packaged before they are sent to you. This means that someone cares enough to throw away quite a few products and lose that "profit" they could be pocketing so that each and every product sent is non-defective. From first look, I could not even tell that they were broken...but then even the smallest thing would lead them to throw it in a pile and not even consider sending it to the Glammies. If that is not love for the MyGlam community, what is?

It was definitely a pleasure to meet the MyGlam team, Michelle Phan and the other Glammies/Ambassadors and I believe that they are well on their way for grandeur for such a recent company. After today, I must say that I am extremely proud and happy to be a part of such a great community, especially with the upcoming things (oh, man, am I excited!) and with the people behind all of this.

...After all, the people who create this for all of us are regular people like you and I - people with a vision for a community of beauty and people. The MyGlam team was quite a blast to hang out with (even before the happy hour!)

As a farewell, the participants were given a gift bag each as a thank you. Even though I believe that being able to give my input and having someone actually listen and take my recommendations is a gift in itself, I cannot say no to a gift that someone took their time to put together for me - especially if it includes a hand-written note:

And man, oh, man, do I love stickers! [Side note - stickers are my guilty pleasure...] Just look at these babies:

A "little thank you," as they called it. I am very excited about the chocolate [can you say "omg, she is such a pig!" because I totally am!]:

To wrap it all up - for those of you who are subscribed to MyGlam, I hope you enjoy it and are just as excited as I am about the development of the community. If you are not a subscriber and you'd like to be - make sure you keep checking back: I was only got into it in February, as they were sold out of the rest. For those of you who are done with Glam Bags and no longer wish to stick with them: that's okay too - Glam Bags are not for everybody, however, I do hope you stick with MyGlam as a community and bring something of your own to the mix, as well.

In other, unrelated news, I am turning 23 next Friday (March 9th), and I still have not decided what I am going to do. Bring on the scotch!

And now I am off to play some video games. It's been a long and exciting day and I need to get my overly excited brain to rest some.


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Much belated Valentine's Day post

How did you guys spend your Valentine's day? I went to Los Angeles to spend time with my valentine and go on all sorts of adventures. Most of them including food!

I was going to drive there (from San Jose-ish area -> Los Angeles), which would have taken me about 6 hours. My mother, being as worried about everything as she is and I, having a test late Monday night, decided that it would be better to fly. So, with last-minute plane tickets secured, I packed up my suitcase and realized that I'd have to get up at 3am to make it to the airport on time. Whoops. Here, as punishment, you may have this half-asleep, drugged-out looking face. This is about 9am, an hour or so after I arrived:

You like that? YEAH YEAH? WANT MORE?
I honestly have no idea what is going on in my head at this moment. I feel that it's nothing too coherent, but I give up. Why? Because I had brought a bottle of BAWLS with me [side note: it's the only energy drink I can stand and the only one that works for me]. It will be better soon, I swear...

I won't really go into the details, because who gives a damn about two people enjoying the company of each other, but there are a few awesome things I must mention.

First, I picked a kick-ass place for dinner. I love French food, he loves French food and French food can be pricey, not to mention various qualities. I had spent quite a few hours, while still at home, looking up reviews and researching various restaurants around the Los Angeles area. Finally, I came across Cheval Blank and the menu sounded pretty awesome. So I made a reservation and off we went.

It was KICK ASS. Yes, I had to repeat that. When I was younger (think 15-19), I worked at a local French restaurant, that had similar pricing and high class reviews and man, oh, man! I think I found the next best thing! All the dishes were delicious, but I must single out Duck Confit, because it was like eating [insert something delicious and possibly inappropriate here]. I may or may not want to just live at the restaurant now, and they can pay me in Duck Confit. Yeah, that's how good it was.

Our waitress was super sweet and took a photo. My valentine is one of those people who dislike "kissy" photos, so he surprised me when at the last moment, he planted one on my cheek. And he will probably kick my butt for even posting this. Oh, well!

After fancy-dress, nice makeup, pretty hair evening, we woke up and were off to Salton Sea for some camping. Didn't figure me for a nature type, did you? Well, neither did I, until recently. Namely, this: my first camping trip in FOREVER.

On the way to the camp location, we decided to do some UrbEx on the way [I am not going to disclose the location, because we are not quite done with it yet, sorry...]. Let me tell you - being in a burnt down home that has child's toys in it is quite morbid:

Right? Tell me you don't have stories popping into your head about how this fire happened...Because I definitely do, quite a few, actually. And they all terrify me!

But terrifying things aside...after all this exploration madness, this guy here goes and makes Lemon Meringue pie for a mentor of his. Man, I dislike lemon pies, but this one was goooood--
Also, I like this shot. Makes me almost a pro, with my dSLR and all. Just kidding. "Just because you own a dSLR, does not make you a photographer" - I stand with that statement. I do enjoy the d90, because of all the options (and because I am better with complex things than simple...)

Now I just made myself hungry. Good job, Alina...
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

But it's okay, because I also got to visit Vivienne Westwood shop while in LA and fell in love with these:

They have a giant zipper and are awesome. Since my birthday is coming up, I hinted to my family that I want these. However, I doubt that it will happen, so this photo currently sits on my desktop, taunting me and making me drool a little bit. Oh, Vivienne Westwood...I love your work a little too much--

Speaking of awesome things:

Titanium rings are pretty damn epic. So is the paleness of my hand. HAH!
Since I was given mine a few years back, I fell in love with Titanium jewelry - it's so easy to maintain and does not tarnish like silver. Plus, if you need self-defense, you've got some right on your finger! Right?

And on that happy note, I shall stop rambling for the day.


Okay, maybe not...I forgot to mention that I am going to be visiting My Glam warehouse on Friday, and participating in the panel with the Glam Girls! I am quite excited, because not too many things happen around this area, and when they do, I am busy doing something else. BOO!
The event is from 9.30am - 4pm and I think I may actually revive my twitter/instagram for this.

Until next time,

Thursday, January 5, 2012

How Bath and Body works ruined my wall

What's worse than products not working as well as you expect? Products ruining your personal belongings or hurting you. Think I am overreacting? Let me show you something...

For years I've loved Bath and Body Works. My home always smells like Japanese Cherry Blossom, since it's a gentle and pleasant smell that's not too invasive on most noses. But it seems like I'll have to look for another place to find my room fresheners and such. Why? Well, let's see here:

What is that? Oh, that's just a Bath and Body Works candle that EXPLODED. There I am sitting at my laptop and working when a piece of glass lands on my mouse - hand. Was the glass cracked beforehand? Nope. Was there anything hot near the candle? Nope. Yet somehow the glass cracks and I end up cleaning up small pieces of glass from between my keyboard keys. WHAT? Well, that's a waste of $10, my time and some band-aids. Whatever, I thought, and kept going on with my life.

There I am, going on with my life when I realize that my home smells less and less like Japanese Cherry Blossom. Well, that sucks! So I check my three Wallflowers (if you don't know what they are, here's a photo):

(Product photo from Bath and Body Works website)

Turns out they have stopped working as well. All three of them. First my bedroom, then my bathroom, and lastly, my living room. It hasn't even been six months, so that shouldn't be happening...But since it's past the return date and I definitely don't even have the receipts (I don't keep any past 3 months, because I expect products to work from then on), I am screwed right there. It's sad when the refills you bought out-last the Wallflower itself. Just...sad. There goes another $25.50 for three Wallflowers. Plus I've got 2 more 4-packs of refills left with no use. Great.

Now, you may think that the story ends here with me complaining about products that don't work, blah blah and that I am a complaining bitch. Well, the last one is true, but wait til you hear my last straw story...Watch this:

What in the world is that?
Oh, that's just another Bath and Body Works product EXPLODING on me and this time getting the liquid all over my wall, floor and baseboard. A little cleanup should do the trick, so it's nothing but my time and product wasted, right? Wrong.

The bulb refill liquid caused the paint on my wall and baseboard to bubble up and come off! Oh, nothing big, just a few hundred to repair. Can you believe this? Not only did I lose The Wallflowers, the refill, but now I have to match the paint to my wall and baseboard, sand and re-paint both, not to mention the fact that it will always look different, unless I repaint the whole baseboard or it will just drive me crazy.

All in all, FUCK.
I generally don't do this kind of dramatic complaining thing, but I just can't stand the damage their products have done, while I was using them as I was supposed to.

Hello repairs and lost money, good bye buying any more crap from them. Happy New Year.