Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Photo of the moment

You know what I've been doing lately? Being a total slacker. Damn, after my job finished, I've been sleeping in, walking the dog, watching Law & Order SVU and just being a lazy bum. Mostly.

I did, however find some new inspirations for blogging and such and for artsy stuff. I guess it's a good thing. Although, I kind of miss having something to do every day - maybe I should go back to school and learn something new and awesome? Gosh, what would I learn :o

Meanwhile, let me show you what I've been up to...

First off, there was a night where I could not sleep and I though "hm...I should do makeup before I go to bed..." and for some reason that sounded like a good idea. So I decided to do Black Swan makeup. Why? Because that move was slightly terrifying. Just slightly. Oh, and be forwarned: this is an iSight photo, so it's shit quality, but makeup is okay :3

Then later on, when my hair was getting all washed out blonde again (ew), I had it tinted to a Sunrise Red. I love it! And it reminded me of Jessica Rabbit's hair, so I decided to go for it and know...go all out on this. Plus, I was doing a semi-collaboration thing with a friend of mine for hooker makeup - this kind of qualifies, no?

Oh, the fun times...OH! Would you like to see my lunch? I was terribly hungry and craving sushi, so I tagged along with my mother to a shopping center with a Nijiya market and ended up getting a pre-packaged sushi lunch...that I put on a plate, made a side rice and miso soup and some delicious green tea: delicious (plus, the wasabi cleared up my sinuses)~

As a side note, I will start a new thing on this blog. I will post "photo of the moment" type of thing, because I realize that most of the time, I am just too lazy to log into blogger and hence never write anything anymore. This will force me to take a shot at my creative side (and possibly learn some photography while I am at it...) and possibly even write something worthwhile~ Now, as a preview, here's something I decided to do a Photo of the Moment on:

MELON BREAD. I love melon bread so much :DDD

Oh! I wonder if it would interest anyone if I made a hair poof cheat tutorial. Or I guess - how to make a hair rat type of thing...hmm...I have extensions that I am not using, so I may do that soon - keep an eye out~

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