Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tea Time

Oh, man...I've been working on this layout design for about a week now. Crazy...
Still not completely done with it, but my eyes are murdering me. I need to stop being so picky about everything...

On the bright side, while working on the design, I decided to take a little tea break and ran over to Tea Era for some boba. Decided to go with something different this time - Kiwi Milk Tea. It was pretty damn delicious and looks pretty awesome in its greenness:

And after a few more hours and a newly found headache, I decided to go the easy way and just make myself a hot green tea with lemon. Delicious. I forgot how much I love tea with lemon - it adds such a nice bit of taste (both a bitter and a sour one...SO MUCH LOVE!)

Also, I took a nail care break. I have been diligent about taking care of my nails for about a week now. I started using Nailtiques, as I have read so many good reviews about the formula that I just caved in and went for it. So far, it seems okay, but I can't really say anything until my nails grow longer (IF they end up growing longer - that would be a first!).

Another thing I've been using is the LUSH Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter. The stuff smells so good! I am generally not a LUSH product girl, but this stuff is great. I like it better than cuticle oil, mostly because it's easy to carry around in my bag without any worries about spilling it. Also, did I mention IT SMELLS SO GOOD!

Now, I am really hoping that my nails stay strong for a while. I've secured an appointment with the [supposidely] the best nail artist in the Bay Area (Asako san) on the 30th of September, so here's to hoping...Otherwise I will have to get extensions, which will cost a fortune. I am just so tired of my short nails...

Still kind of thinking about the design, but I am almost sure I will get gunmetal and peach colored nails with some 3D elements. Woohoo! Trying to be a bit prettier on day-to-day basis here, so bear with me (*´∀`*)


  1. I always made myself lemon tea. It taste so nice, sour and sweet together.

  2. man profile designing is such a mystery to me! Each time I sit down to read about how to do it I start drooling on my hand ;D I love your header btw~ very chic!