Sunday, September 18, 2011

Enjoy Everything

Yotsuba& [よつばと!] is my all time favorite manga. Possibly because it is so humorous, or because I am not bored re-reading it tens of times, or because I can read it out of order and still find enjoyment, or even because it is just a good companion in my purse for when I have some time to spare.

Whatever the reason is, Yotsuba& happens to be the manga that inspires me. I don't want to be a princess or a superhero or a lonesome vampire or any of that. I want to be carefree and joyful. Like Yotsuba.

I was reading that yesterday (end of vol. 1) and thought just how horribly jealous I am of Yotsuba.

I hope that one day I can become a person like Yotsuba. Well, not the slightly-strange kind, because I've already got plenty of that...However, I want to be a person who finds joy even in the safest parts of life, a person that does not easily get depressed, a person who smiles a lot, I want to be someone who finds happiness and holds on to it, especially when people are trying to take her down.

Currently, I am not that person. A lot of things are going on in life that get me down. Not clinically depressed kind of "down," but just the garden-variety-sad kind of "down." The biggest problem is that those things just pile up and it's hard to un-bury myself from them, so I get stuck in that mess, looking for a ray of sunshine.

Gosh, this sounds like an emo entry. But it is not really, it's more of a goal-setting entry. I am determined to find that something that I can always look to when I am in an unhappy situation. That teensy "something" that will make me smile.


In less depressing news, I am still working on a new layout, since I do not really like how this one turned out too that is going to take me a bit. Hopefully I will have it by the end of next week :D

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