Saturday, September 24, 2011

Take a day!

Spent the whole day running around stores *exhausted…*

First off, spent most of late last night looking up Remy hair extensions and the best places to get them (came down to either Hello Gorgeous, Head Kandy, or Foxy Locks in order from highest likeliness to lowest) [side note - if you guys have any recommendations, I would love to hear them!] and where to get the best triple barrel iron.

Sadly, finding a good quality triple barrel in US is hard. When doing my research, the best reviews were given to the BaByliss Pro, but unfortunately no stores carry it in the states and online stores either have ridiculous shipping charges or only provide you with a UK plug. Balls.

Then there was Hot Tools and some equivalent brands, for which I would have to spend around $50. To be perfectly honest, I do not mind shelling out even that or more for a great one. However, $50 for a mediocre one is a bit…blah. So I browsed…and browsed…and browsed…and watched some reviews and YouTube tutorials to get a better idea how each one performs. Then I came across the idea that I should just go for the cheap-o Revlon Jumbo one (since other brands don't seem to carry HUGE ones, just regular size) and keep looking for a good quality one that is of a regular size. I may be able to get my hands on a BaByliss one eventually, or at least one of a similar quality.

After I did some more research, I found out that I can get a Revlon Jumbo 3-Barrel one at Ulta. I've never been to Ulta in my life, and I've always wanted to, but the closest one to me happens to be in a shopping center I never visit. So now I had an excuse! And a $3.50 off $10 purchase, which sweetened the deal. I walked in and they had i! It was the last one, plus they had an open one on display. Considering how huge and bulky looking it is (I was kind of scared at first when I saw it on YouTube), it's not that heavy. Awesome! So I ended up getting that and getting my butt outta there before I spend any more money. I was on a mission!

My mission was to go to Sephora (at another location) and return the Lancome brow pencil I had purchased and get the Illamasqua foundation. The brow pencil was OKAY, but not $24.50 okay. I was hoping the lightest shade would make my brows defined, but not as dark, yet all it did was darken them…it was not as blond as I expected. Oh, well. But I do need a winter foundation! In summer I used a BB cream (because it's so hot and icky, I do not like wearing full foundation in summer), but now that fall and winter are approaching, I decided to go with something that has a little more coverage. MAC breaks me out like a mofo, MUFE is okay, but still breaks me out a bit and covers 'meh,' so I decided to go drastically different and try out Illamasqua. I've never tried their products before, but what intrigued me is that many reviews say that it is super high coverage and you can even use it as a concealer. Huh…does that mean that I have to take less things with me when I go somewhere with my makeup? Sold. And you can mix this with a moisturizer of your choice to make it a little less dense. It's like pigment…for your face. If that makes any sense at all, of course…

Right before work, I ended up buying lots of food at the food court, so I'd have lunch and dinner all set ^_^
Splurged on a Cinnabon as well (Caramel Pecan!), now I feel like a fatty, but it was so worth it~

Now time for photos, because they are probably more interesting and explanatory than my talking anyway ^_~

Look at how huge the Revlon Jumbo 3-barrel is! It's pretty intense. But it's not as heavy as it looks, so it's pretty okay...we'll see how it turns out.

Yay for Illamasqua and MUFE stuffs! Have not tried any of them yet, really, so we'll see how those go. I have very high hopes for the foundation *excited*

The Sephora lady matched my skin to the shade 135. It was the lightest one there, but from what I read, there are also super white shades and white with some pink. Kind of intense!

Stopped by Forever 21, mostly for accessories. I really did not want to stick around for long, but I do dig the cheap jewelry. Found this awesome ring (in my size, too!) and this simple yet "cool" necklace. The ring was about $5, the necklace was $6 I think. How do you guys like 'em?

On my way out, a poster outside of Bath and Body Works seduced me. It was the 3-wick candles 2/$20. Usually they are $19.95/each, and I love them, so hey, I thought. MUST. My signature scent is the Japanese Cherry Blossom, that's what I have as a scent in my room and that's the only candle from B&BW that I ever get. Best part? There were only two of the Japanese Cherry Blossom ones left and both of them were nice, so I got the last ones! So much love!

That's all for today



  1. I think I have the same barrel wave roller. I don't use it much cause it's heavy (LOL) and my hair is too short.

  2. I ended up returning it, because it was so heavy, but did nothing >.> My hair is fairly fine, too...I wonder if it does anything for different hair :o

  3. same.. I actually got it because of a great review :((

    also, did you just change your comment system to Disqus? my first comment on this post doesn't seem to show up and I need to ctrl+a to read your comment :9

  4. That I did...I had it before and it disappeared for some reason.
    And I like replying to comments, so I WANTED IT BACK haha

    Sorry about that >.> I did read that comment, though <3
    (as you can see, still fiddling with the colors, hence the invisible text~)

  5. yesyes, just letting you know.

    I think Blogger comments are better in terms of not getting lost somewhere, but the layout is terrible for replies.

  6. Thank you - I actually almost overlooked the invisible text *facedesk* if not for your comments~

    I find Blogger comments easier, but disqus has so many more options. Maybe if Blogger decided to update~