Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Gelish Products

Have you ever heard of Gelish? It's a Gel Polish (as the name suggests) and is described as "Gelish performs like a gel applies like a polish" product. I first tried this when I went to a salon to get my nails done and the lady used this instead of regular polish. Now, I've heard of gel polishes before, but what makes this one special is that it comes in a nail polish bottle and applies as such. This is something that I am really in love with, because as much as I love gel, it is a bit tricky to work with (for me) on my dominant hand. Not as much practice as I'd like (that's what she said...), anyway.

After experiencing the application of this product, I decided to get it myself (I ended up paying around $40 for the application, which was WHOA!) and do it myself. CHEAP-STYLE. At the time, it was not available in stores, so I got mine from a seller on Amazon. I ended up paying about $15-ish a bottle (including shipping), which is pretty decent. All you need to start is the foundation gel, top coat and your choice of color (I picked MIDNIGHT CALLER), but you can also get the other recommended products: Ph bond, Artificial Nail remover and Nail Surface Cleaner to help you get the best out of the system.

The biggest downside (and expense) would be the UV lamp. I've seen lots of people (mostly on YT) get the cheap-o 9watt ones from eBay for cheap, but the truth is 9watt ones are not enough. You definitely want a 36watt lamp, otherwise you will be cooking your nails for a long time. Gelish also recommends an LED lamp instead of a UV (it takes less time to cure), but mentions that UV is a good substitute. The better ones can be around $100, so make sure you are dedicated to this before you commit.

The point of this entry is that Sally's Beauty Supply now carries Gelish products! Given, they are the itty-bitty size at an outrageous price, but if you are desperate (or just want to test them out), it's a good way to go. Today, I noted that the mini polish sizes were $14-something and they had quite a few colors. The reason I am even mentioning this, however, is that they have a 2-for-$10 deal on the mini Artificial Nail Remover and the Nail Surface Cleanser. That's $5/bottle (4oz) and it's the cheapest around. If you are interested in those, go ahead and jump on the deal while it lasts, but I suggest getting the Gelish polishes online.

Photo time!

My initial Gelish haul. Includes base gel polish, top coat polish and my choice of color polish:

As I mentioned earlier, I picked MIDNIGHT CALLER, because it seems like a classic shade that would never get me, at least...

These babies are 4OZ each, which is a good trial size. I hear that the artificial nail remover works better than acetone, so I am definitely into trying that out!

And this is my collection so far. I am not going to expand it for a while, because they are kind of pricey, but possibly in the future.

That would be it for today!

Have you used gel polishes before? Did you like them? Are you planning to try them out?


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