Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hello, again

Gosh, when I look back at the date of my latest post, I did not realize that I have been away for so long. Smack!

On the bright side, when I come back, I come back with lots of things (*´∀`*).
- New Layout
- Giveaway announcement
- Lots of stories
- Better navigation
- Pretty pictures

I am sure that this is what most of you are waiting for. Dun dun duuuun!

Winner of the giveaway is Noniek. I've already contacted her and sent out her package, so hopefully she will get it soon ^_^

How do you guys like the new layout? I decided to go for a less-gloomy look for once. I kind of like peach color at this moment...kind of relaxing and not as crazy-girly as pink, no? I think I will still be tweaking a few things in the coming days, but mostly the change from the earlier one is done.

I have not been wearing makeup for about a month. It's kind of scary, but work just took away my time and I preferred the extra few minutes of sleep. Plus, there was nobody to show off in front of ~.~ Just yesterday, though, I looked over my makeup train case and took out and rearranged some things that I do not use so often. Possible blog
Not sure if I had mentioned it before, but I decided that I would ever only have makeup to fit one train case. That makes life so much easier, especially if I have to go somewhere or move. Pretty neat!

On the less bright side, I've been having silly headaches again that bother me constantly, and now that work has let up, I scheduled a brain CT that I was supposed to have a year ago and it's tomorrow. Kind of scary *shivers.* But I think it will be okay. It should be okay, anyway...right? Bleh.

Now, that I have done a little catch-up, I am running off to bed - the CT is at 8am and I like my sleep :3

until we meet again,

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  1. Yay! Thanks for the giveaway, can't wait to receive it soon!
    I like your new layout. Hope your CT scan get good result.
    Take care!