Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Warning: More costuming ahead

Oh, I bet you missed my wonderful-quality-phone-photos, so therefore I am back with more!
[I promise that I still carry around my real camera, it's just pretty hard to work and have it out, so this will have to do for now. At least until the costumes come together more~]

By the way, those cookies I was thinking about yesterday totally did not happen until today. When I happened to burn them a little. whoops!

This is my work station. I HEART this machine. It is somewhere in the middle of a home sewing machine and an industrial one and it is just heavenly. I am sure it is a million years old, but it's quiet as a mouse and the pedal controls the foot (raise), the sewing AND cuts the thread. WHO NEEDS HANDS?! Also, having my own work station, where I store my stuff, clean up my own mess and don't have to worry about someone fucking with the settings of my machine? Oh, man...I am in heaven:

Next up, there was this giant piece of fabric, that needed to be cut into strips...and then the strips needed to be all sewn together into one long strip, making it into a trim we could later use on one of the garments. The fabric had these little metal attachments that were a pain to remove, and were also not sewn on straight, so it was pretty much impossible to get them to look like they were one long strip when I got them all together. You can see that here, it looks pretty obvious, even if you were onstage:

But fear not! Why? Because Frowne has some ideas that are going to take some hand-sewing, but will fake the look. If I learned anything by making costumes for Fanime and working at UCSC Costume Shop is that everything can be made to look like you want it. Fake it. Like this one time, when we burnt a hole in the carpet of our rental apartment in college and i just cut off some carpet from around the front door and hot-glued it in the bald spots to make it look new. Can you believe that it did and we totally got away with it? Anyway, different story. This is what it looked like after I added some of those metal things by hand. It actually looks like a continuous row right now, and just imagine those empty sides being folded away as seam allowance and it will be completely unnoticeable! Yay~

And this happens to be the completed half of my work. And the lovely lavender magnet cushion. From here, the material looks like fish scales. Kind of reminds me of them, too, but much less gross:

After working on this pile of trim for a few hours, I had a neat little pile of tiny little threads lying around and somehow, this one got away, forming a perfect little heart. I did not move it, and you can still see the rest of the debris around it. In my delusion, I thought it was a message from the fabric that it loves me for making it awesome. Just kidding, I really didn't. However, I did think it was pretty neat how it wandered away from the rest of the threads and decided to become a little heart. Or Ramen. Whatever...

I think that is probably it for the day. Currently, there is not much else to talk about, because the designer is still picking the fabrics, so not much work to be done other than that. However, I am loving this so much! I can't believe (still) that I have gotten something so amazing to work on.

Tomorrow, I may or may not have time for a blog entry, because I am heading up to SF after work. This is currently a secret-type-of-thing, because it may or may not work out, so I don't want to jinx it. But regardless of whether or not it does or does not, I shall report on this "secret" thing when I get to write up my next entry.

I hope you guys are enjoying the more frequent updates and the complete randomness of me blogging about my work. I shall continue unless anyone objects--

Lesson of the day: Fray-check is your best friend when dealing with this sort of stuff. Or any material that frays. And then afterwards, you get to take little pieces of dried glue off your hands (remember those days when you were a kid and put Elmer's glue on your hands just to peel it off afterwards? Wait...was that just me? Well, regardless, this is kind of the same...).

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  1. Hey Frowne! I think your sewing skills are mad crazy!!!! Oh and that thread that got away, cute!! Or yes, maybe it just wanted to imitate ramen hahaha! Thanks so much for entering my giveaway! <3 (P.s Im glad you like the prizes, especially the gummies hahaha)