Monday, July 11, 2011

And the costuming begins--

So, today I started actually doing some work at the shop for Idomeneo at Opera San José. And as you can tell, I am (so far) keeping my word by keeping the entries coming. Could also be because my family is in Canada right now and I am home alone (alone and scary *shivers*), so I am more lonely than I would have ever thought...

Anyway, here goes my first assignment: I was to dye dark teal and midnight blue Silk Dupioni black (with some blue stripes left), so that's exactly what I did. Would you like to see?

This is the one we ended up choosing, because the teal would look so much better in contrast with the black on stage: [apologies in advance for phone-quality photos. They were indeed taken with my phone...]

This one looks pretty neat and would look beautiful on an everyday garment, but on stage it would probably not be visible as much. Hm...on the other hand, when I look at it now, it reminds me of bad web design where people put default link color (navy? blue) on a black background *shivers* Still pretty, though.

Aside from that, I love this gig! I got there at 10am, and the next thing I know, the crafts person is telling me it's 1pm and lunch time. This is where I look at the wall clock in disbelief - did three hours just fly by? Oh, man, I love this! Definitely improved my mood of the week. The loneliness of being home alone and a mixture of other stuff is getting to me, I think. *sigh*

You know what I am thinking? I should make cookies. And take photos, of course ;D

Lesson of the day: Never turn on gas on a stove you have never used before all the way before shoving a lighter to it. It will explode a flame and possibly burn you. Or keep the rings you are wearing on your hand warm for a while. No, I did not hurt myself, but it was a close call. Next time, I shall stop playing with fire...

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