Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Costuming update and summertime giveaway

So, this completes the first week of my costuming job, which so far is pretty darn awesome. To be perfectly honest, I did not realize how much I had taken on, so blogging every day may not be too smart of an idea. Turns out with the costuming job and my current job, I am working 14 hours a day, which makes for a slightly difficult and stressful week.

However, I think writing makes me feel a bit better and more relaxed, so I believe I should continue for myself and for those who enjoy reading my ramblings. So here comes~

Since my last blog post, I have mostly been working on dyeing fabric. There is a ton of fabric to be dyed and all different colors and shades. WOOHOO! Spent a few days working with samples to find perfect shades, and spent all yesterday over at the San José Rep working in their dye room (they have a giant dye vat, which we do not have over at the Opera). So today, my partner and I were working mostly on the tie-dyeing 4-yard pieces of fabric that I was talking about earlier. It hurt >.< But was well worth it, because they turned out beautifully. So did my fingers: I am thinking that even nailpolish is not worth doing at this time, because it chips so easily from having my hands in water for such a long time. However, I do soak them in cuticle oil for a while at the end of the night, so that should help out a bit:

To be perfectly honest, nothing interesting is happening yet, so not much to blog about. But I am going to try to do as much blogging as I can while I have the time ^^; Oh, boy, I am excited!
And I think I may be boring you all with my stories of silly things and work, so I am going to just dive into it: giveaway, giveaway, giveaway~

time for giveaway

giveaway? why?
Well, first off, I have not done one in ages and I really love sending out packages. However, since I cannot send one to each and every one of you, a giveaway seems like a fun idea. Plus, since I was just a part of one and happened to win, I was so happy to get a package that I wanted to share as well. This time, I am doing a US only one, but once I get more followers, I promise to do an international one, as well. Sound good~?

- Be a follower of this blog
- Like Me on Facebook.
- Subscribe to Me on YouTube.
- Either blog about my giveaway or tweet about my giveaway.
- Comment on this post with the following: your name, email/blog, youtube name, and the link to either the blog post about the giveaway or the tweet~
that is it, pretty easy~

- E.L.F Natural Eyeshadow Palette
- Intensive Double Vitamin C Eye Mask
- "Marshmallow Pony" notepad
- E.L.F Tea Tree Clarifying Oil Blotting Sheets
- KORRES Wild Rose Lip Butter
- Taiwanese Shimmer Stick in Pearly White
- NYC KissGloss in City Sorbet
- Sephora mini Eyeshadow in Aspen Summit
- Sephora mini Eyeliner in Nano
- Sephora mini Mascara in Black
EDIT: As of August 2nd, another prize has been added: MAC Jealousy Wakes eyeshadow

(I was not sure it would arrive on time, so did not want to get anyone's hopes up, loves--)

Let's make it a good amount of time: August 31st

Feel free to use the following photo link to include in your re-post of the giveaway:

Oh, and that "semi-secret" thing I was talking about in the previous post is a purchase I was planning to make that did not happen. I really want the black MacBook (the ones that were discontinued a few years ago), because they are so cool looking, but I am kind of sad that they are no longer available, so I found one on Craigslist that I wanted to buy. However, the seller was a dick, so I decided not to. I may still look for another one, but who knows. Maybe I should just keep the money for something more awesome (*´∀`*)

Cheers to all and til next time *kisses*


  1. Hey hun! I'm glad your costuming project is moving along. Be careful with the dyes and your nail. Don't work too hard either.

    Ill join your giveaway, but ill have to repost and give you my info later since I'm out oftown. You have some interesting things I want to try especially the mask. Take carez hun.

  2. Oh that sucks that the black mac book isn't selling now! I've only seen a few of those around and I agree, they're very cool looking! I hope your hands get better soon! Slather it with hand lotion lol I think vasaline will work well too =P Thanks for inviting me to join your giveaway but I often have bad luck with these things so I will sit this one out =D

  3. Aww that is an awesome giveaway, good luck to everyone who enters! :)

    The Cat Hag
    Join My Giveaway

  4. I love that you dye your own fabric! I think that always makes things more unique and special. I have "liked" you on facebook, subscribed on Youtube, and I tweeted about your awesome giveaway here:
    I don't know how to link to a specific tweet, but that's my twitter page, and i tweeted it tonight, right before commenting. =) Thank you for being so generous and trying to share with your followers. I think that's awesome.

  5. Hi, Nice giveaway!
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