Sunday, June 26, 2011

LA Trip: Vacation

Small disclaimer: This post will be full of photos and stuff, so if you get bored by that kind of thing, skip it. However, if you like reading about my life and looking at food photos, go ahead~

So, having not seen Paul since we finished UCSC, we had planned for me to come down to LA for a week right after the graduation ceremony. Him and his family would pick me up from my home, and we'd head to his home town. So, here goes:

Sunday afternoon, right after I had lunch with my family, Paul and his picked me up and we headed down to LA. The trip was not as long as I had expected - only about a bit over 5 hours, which is shorter than it usually takes. Big plus, of course. Didn't get to do much that day, as we got home pretty late, but we had big plans for the rest of the week, so sleep was necessary.

Monday morning we went to a Dim Sum place, which was delicious! I love visiting Los Angeles for food, let's just say that. And their Dim Sum is love. My favorite still is tripe. Yum!

This is me waiting for deliciousness. This photo is a little too yellow, but I decided not to photoshop any of the trip photos. I thought I'd stick to natural for this post, haha:

And of course, the obligatory photo of me eating said deliciousness. I wish there was a photo of me pigging out on the tripe - it would have definitely shown off my piggy side:

And my favorite shot of the set is the fish eating itself. I just love it's teeth. This photo is so wrong. Cannibalistic scary fish is scary:

After stuffing our faces with amazing noms, Paul took me to the Ghetty Villa museum, where more fun was had. We spent a few hours walking around the place, with tons of photos, so I decided to post some of the more interesting ones for your amusement.

PLEASE TOUCH was the first sign that greeted us and it was pretty "WHUT," therefore it had to be photo time, no? To be honest, I have mixed feelings about touching things at a museum. Whenever I go to one, I absolutely want to touch the exhibits, but then I realize that I am not the only one. Lots of people want to touch them, so they would, then the children with their dirty hands that have been in their noses and yuck! But hey - it's all a part of the experience, right? So in short: please touch the exhibits:

Penis. Is missing. You know, I found this to be a theme throughout the museum. Many of the pieces had their penis missing, but not all. So it makes me think that someone just stole them. Somehow it is amusing to me, but I am not even sure why:

Speaking of penises. Peni? Penes? Anyway. This one made me have the " :| " face, just because it was so "what the...?" for me. I guess you could call this art, however, if you put a penis on something, at least make it better looking, ja?

This one was my favorite, however. It's slightly on the terrifying side, but I can't stop looking at it, you know? If you look deeply into the eyes of the statue, you will be able to see the face of the person inside the mask. And it is not pretty, I tell ya:

Oh, and have a gander at a super excited Alina. The weather was awesome, we just spent a few hours at a museum and had plenty more places to go visit. And...the vacation was just starting:

Obligatory cam-whoring photo of the post. This would be it. This one is definitely thanks to Paul, because he would not leave it alone until he found a perfect spot to take this shot. I guess he was growing fond of the Nikon d90 I brought with me. Better than a child, naturally:

After all the wonder, we decided that we should go to the beach the next day. So what happened next? I realized I had forgotten my swimsuit. Fuck. Well, let's get a new one, I said. And so we went off to get a swimsuit for myself and Paul's sister, as she was in need for one as well. A few hours later, I had myself a Barbie-pink bikini and old-style sunglasses.

On Tuesday we woke up early, took Paul's sister, and picked up a couple of her friends and headed to the bakery Paul works at to get some breakfast before the beach. The place is pretty small, but looks fairly decent and the pastries were delicious.
Then we drove off to Santa Monica to the Third Street Promenade Apple store. Paul's iPod Touch was being stupid and I had a friend who works there whom I have not seen for a long time, so that was quite convenient. I was so tempted to go on a shopping spree, until I realized that the tax rate in Santa Monica is 9.75% (OMG, right?)

And of course, the main event of the day: Beach.

FUCK, it was cold! The weather was gloomy and there was no sun to be seen and it was icky and uncomfy. Yet somehow I did not give a damn about any of that, since I got to spend time with someone so awesome (/cheesy moment). The best part of it all was when a flock of seagulls landed on a spot right next to us and raided the backpacks/grocery bags of the people there. This is what you get for leaving your stuff unattended, guys. Just because you leave your sandwich wrapped in plastic wrap in your backpack does not guarantee that the seagulls will not steal it out of your backpack, unwrap it and eat it while you watch. Just sayin'

I ended up staying on the blanket the whole time, with my clothes on and feet in the sand. Yay for getting a pedi just before the trip, right:

On Wednesday morning, we had delicious Cambodian food for breakfast. I wanted a soup-like food item, yet something that had some thickness to it, and this is what I ended up getting. To be honest, I have no idea what it is, but it was good and I enjoyed it:

The next best thing happened: we drove to an outlet mall! I have not been to one for so long that I forgot how magical they are. I ended up going to a CCO and a CCS. Got Lancome products for myself (Translucent finishing powder - $10, and Oscillating mascara in GUNPOWDER - $15) and my mother (lifting foundation - $15). And of course something from MAC: a mineralized eyeshadow, in ENGAGING, which can be used as a shadow, blush and highlighter by the color combination. SCORE!

Last but not least, we stopped by Toys R Us, because we are actually 12 years old on the inside. I ended up buying one of the strangest things I have seen for sale in a while: SUPER-OMG-SKINNY doll that kind of reminds me of a BJD. I have no idea what this series is about, but they looked so much like how I used to draw people, I just had to get it. I don't know what to name her yet, though. Her name is apparently "Draculaura," because she is the child of Dracula. I don't like it - it's stupid, so I want to think of something awesome. Hold for more info later:

Thursday was pretty legit. We went to Japan Town, because I am slightly obsessed with it.
First off, just going to say this: Bearded Papa's cream puffs are the shit. Most delicious anything I have had in my mouth for a while *cough* sorry, truefax. Can't get enough of this stuff. I am pretty sure there is one somewhat close to me. Right? RIGHT? Please tell me I am right...

Then we found this near a museum. They had an exhibition outside, so we just went around and hung out a bit there, taking photos of huge art pieces. This one is awesome. Just sayin'

And this is where I think I died and went to heaven. Chin-Ma-Ya of Tokyo, you are officially my favorite ramen place as of right now. This is me, finishing all of the ramen, even though I was too full to even live after half the bowl was gone. But I COULD NOT STOP, I TELL YOU. Gah:

Decided to go out for boba at the end of the night with Paul and sis. Ten Ren with a fancy table. It looks like a fancy tea ceremony table, but since it was free, we got to sit at it. Super awesome:

Bobaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! And buttermilk toast. I kill my food before I eat it. Hehehe:

Friday was the most magical day ever. We did so much and it was so full of events that it felt like two days. Crazy, I tell ya. We went to see Kung Fu Panda II, took Cue Studio Japanese sticker photos, and went to Boiling Crab for dinner.

It was my first time at Boiling Crab, so I let Paul order. We got 1/2lb of Shrimp and 2lbs of Cray fish. Because I love those little buggers:

Eventually, most of it was consumed and the our table looked like a slaughter house. I did love it, however. I am glad that I have a Boiling Crab not too far from where I am, so this is where I am thinking of bringing my family eventually. That should be awesome, no? Although I would be scared to imagine what a table of five would look like after noms were consumed:

And then, Saturday, as I have not yet seen Kung Fu Panda (first one), we decided to rent it and relax at home, which was a change from the hectic running around ^_^ Then there was Curry House lunch. Made me realize that I love Paul's curry so much more. Even box curry I make was better. It was okay, though, but not too awesome.

Since it was Saturday, Pasadena had a few things going on and we picked the Chalk Festival. Quite a few pieces were super amazing. Like this one - look at the blending:

The day concluded with a trip to antique shops/thrift stores. Didn't end up buying anything, however, yet it was quite interesting to see all the old neat things.

This brings us to Sunday, last day of my visit, and Paul brought me to a fancy tea place with delicious teas and lemon funnel cake. YUM!

I got on a plane Monday afternoon, and off I went just to go to work the next morning. Sadly, the vacation has to come to an end, even though I would sell some part of my soul for it to keep going for at least a little bit longer.

Just as another FYI, I'd gotten a few things in Japan Town that I will be doing tutorials/reviews/scans of. I got the Deco & Deco vol. 9 magazine that I am sure some of you will enjoy thoroughly. Cheers and enjoy--


  1. Lol--that boba table once seated diplomats and dignitaries.

  2. wow. frowne! you had so much fun with Paul. he is such a good friend to take you to all the places. the food looks amazing. I didn't know you are interested in spicy food & dimsum. It would be awesome to do a blog visit with you. I'll definitely love to try the Japanese creme puff. It looks so oishii to die for! I'm glad you had fun. Did you ever get the package i sent you?

  3. I love DimSum so much! The only problem is that there is no amazing DimSum around where I am, therefore I LOVE LOVE LOVE going to LA, because it has the best places ^_^ We should do a blog visit. So much fun :3

    I did get the package, and as a matter of fact, I was going to include it in my next post <3

  4. Great! I thought it didn't make it to u. Ahhh now I'm craving for dim sum. I had some on my birthday and oooohman my tummy sure was happy. I can't wait to meet u one day.