Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Job: Costume Construcion

Hi, people!

So, while I was away and catching up with work and cleaning my house after coming back from Los Angeles, I also happened to get a gig doing costumes for Opera San José!


Honestly, I think that the way I got the job and the whole journey towards this merits its own post, yet somehow I felt like I needed to post something. It is official as of yesterday - I signed employment papers and such and I am in until the show starts, which is in September. WOOHOO!

What does this mean for you? Yes - I will be busy, no - I don't believe that my blogging will decrease in quantity/quality. You know why? Because I will have much more to talk about! And it will be exciting. I promise photos, too. pix or didn't happen, right?

I actually wonder if you guys would at all be interested in a separate post on how I got where I am...or maybe that will just bore you to no extent...OH! There is some NSFW content in the story, though, so that may be scandalous enough to get your attention, ne?

So you are wondering "what show is this, Alina?"
Well, I am working on construction of Idomeneo, which should be pretty damn epic. Just saying...So if you are in the are, come watch it ;D

Okay, this honestly was just an update post, so don't linger around too much - I promise more interesting things coming up because hey - what makes for better photos, right?


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  1. congrats hun! can't wait to see more interesting posts!