Sunday, June 5, 2011

FOTD dump 1.2

I sometimes find it is quite difficult for me to post photos of myself, especially when I am not wearing any makeup. Why, you ask? Because I am a perfectionist and notice every and all flaws that I have, it is quite hard not to go and edit everything I don't like about myself in Photoshop.

But then I think...wait...why wouldn't I? Sure, natural beauty is "in" and all, but I am not a very natural kind of person. I love makeup, I love outrageous looks, false nails, contacts, I dye my hair, if I could afford it, I would get a nose job and possibly do something about my jaw line. So then I think that there is no point in being righteous and always only posting natural photos.

Point of this being? Well, I spent some time doing my makeup today, just because I did not have work and I thought I would spend some time to myself. I did not have anywhere to go, but I also did not want to sit around and stare at a blank face in the mirror - so there you have it. This is how I came up with this:

[June 5th, 2011]
And of course, following is the list of everything I am wearing on my face.
Lenses: Fynale Honoo Red
Face: Missha Watery BB Cream || MAC MSFN in Light || MAC MSF in Stereo Rose
Eyes: Shimmer Stick in White || MAC Smoking Eyes Quad || Dolly Wink in Dolly Sweet || Dolly Wink in Baby Cute
Lips: MAC Show Orchid lipstick || MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner in Pink Fish

I am actually proud of this one. Since I have gone blonde, it is definitely important to bring out the eyes, because otherwise my pale face just blends in with my hair, making everything super bland. But to be honest, it is not a look I could spend the time on doing every day. I do love the lashes, especially the effect bottom lashes are giving me, but I'd assume its a little bit dramatic :p

Speaking of dramatic, I was actually sporting this look a while back. My mother called me a Barbie, but I am not sure whether or not she meant it as a compliment or as an insult, but I guess either way

[May 27, 2011]
Lenses: Fynale Kiwi Blue
Face: Missha Watery BB Cream || MAC MSFN in Light || NARS blush in Deep Throat
Eyes: Too Faced Shadow Insurance || MAC Smoking eyeshadow || Dolly Wink Eyelashes in Dolly Sweet (#1)
Lips: MAC Cremesheen Glass in Partial to Pink

After looking at both of these, I realize how much younger my bangs make me look. I was glancing over my previous FOTD dump, I saw that the super short cut made me look a bit older, but this hairstyle makes me look like a doll. I feel that now when I am getting older (not that 22 is old!), I probably want to stay as young for as long as I can, right? So I am going to sport the bangs for a bit ;3

Cheers to all and I shall post something more worthwhile later on~


  1. You sure are a pretty Barbie! ^____^

    I have yet to try some Dolly Wink lashes, they look great on you! Are they comfortable?

  2. you do look very kawaii!

    i just wanted to let you know that you have won my giveaway. please send me your contact info to my email

  3. You look like a doll~!!! I love your selcas :D

  4. You're so cute!! Love the makeup :)

    Please follow/comment on my blog &
    I'll definitely return the favor :)

  5. Thank you ^_^
    Dolly wink lashes are super comfy! They are super soft, so easy to bend to the shape of your eye and are not heavy at all. Plus, they are pretty good even after washing and re-using them. You should try them ;D