Saturday, June 4, 2011

Love Package: Janie from Pretty&Cute

I woke up this morning to rain pouring outside my window and a pitter-patter on my sun roof continued to accompany me throughout today, while I chose to spend this rainy day cleaning my house. Oh, I probably should mention that I'd found a giant spider last night, which freaked me out, so I decided to clean every corner of my room and make sure there was no way anything could stay alive here...

So after I spent a few wholesome hours scrubbing under every piece of furniture I own, my brother informed me that I got a package. I rushed (through the rain) to my family's part of the house and found a cute little box (and some letters from banks asking me to sign up for their credit cards...) from Janie of Pretty&Cute. I'd sent her a package to cheer her up a while ago, which I believe did what I wanted it to - helped her keep her head up, even though everyone keeps trying to take a snap at her and her business. She is someone I consider as a wonderful person, especially after meeting her face to face back in March, so I will do my best to support her and help her though when people try and get the best of her. I believe she knows that :)

Now, to the contents of the package. It contained a variety of products that I will no doubt get addicted to and end up buying later O_O

The funniest part of it all (at least I found it funny) was that the Shimmer Pencil had it's lid off somehow and got all over the outside of its lid and some other products, so when I pulled them out and looked at my head, I went "HUH?" But as you can see, it was only the tip and I cleaned it up all nicely >:) Oh! And a pair of EOS Tear lenses in Blue. They are so transparent looking...I am actually quite excited to see how they will show up - they look like they would make for quite a natural look (unlike the rest of the lenses I own...)

Some Lioele sample bottles: "Hydro Peel Therapy Skin," "Hydro Peel Therapy Lotion," "A.C Control Lotion Trouble Hunter," and "A. C Control Toner Trouble Hunter." To be honest, I am currently in love with Mario Badescu skincare line, but if these prove similar or better for my skin than MB, I may have to switch :3

Oh, and of course a Lioele Perfect Soothing Essence Mask and Cucumber nose strips. To be honest, I am not sure how to use the Lioele Shake Packs, so I am going to research that before I open them ^__^ But they look so cute! Like candy~

Their signature Glamour Lash in #050 and some deco stickers (ooh, the fun times shall begin~), and a shiny "Round Saucer Crystal" necklace. Or at least I think that is what it's called >.~

And of course, a swatch of the Shimmer Pencil. I am in love with the white pearl ones, but now I've got one from the opposite spectrum. The packaging makes it seem like it would be blue, but it is more like gunmetal black. I love it!

It's so important to have people you care about, people you respect and people you look up to. Janie is definitely that person for me. Aside from being a good friend and a beautiful person, she is also kind and strong. Even though she may not seem it, she is definitely a fighter - when I imagine how much hate she must get from people who are jealous of her success, people who are just waiting to take a stab at her, I see how strong she is, standing on her own feet, not letting any of that get to her. But I also know this - those who care about her keep her that way. If you know you respect her, like her for who she is and love talking to her, let her know that once in a while - behind every great person there are those who love them.

And that is all for today, I feel like I may induce some cavities with all this sweetness :3

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