Thursday, August 12, 2010

Shoes: A sad dilemma

Hey guys. I am not sure whether or not I have mentioned this before, but I'd gotten a job recently. Not going to go into details, because they are kind of boring, however, I will mention that I spend about 7.5 hours on my feet. Which is what I am used to anyway and it does not bother me much. The dress code is practically non-existent, as long as you are comfortable, which is nice.

So I had decided to get myself a pair of shoes that I could wear to work. I always wanted to try clogs, but none of the lame and silly-looking ones. Something cool. I've heard that they are comfortable and they have a heel, which makes them perfect.

After doing some research online, I came across Vince Camuto's "Christies" clog. And I fell in love. They are sold on, and I was hoping that going to my local Nordstrom would do me some good. I dislike buying shoes online, because they never end up fitting. So off I went to try them on, or at least a pair made by Vince Camuto.

With my luck, of course, they did not have this particular style in stock, but I got to try out a pair by the brand. 8.5 fit perfectly, and the sales clerk offered to order it to be shipped to my house for me, to which I agreed. He told me it would take 5-8 business days, which was a torture, but hey - I would have them~

About two weeks later, I receive the package and open it eagerly. The shoes are beautiful and I cannot hold my excitement. My mother agrees that they look amazing and they are EPIC. I try them on and walk around the house. This is when I realize that it would be impossible to wear these to work, as they are on the heavy side, and unfortunately not as comfortable as I expected.

Now comes my dilemma. I love the shoes, and they are comfortable enough to wear, however, not comfortable enough to wear for too long of a time. They fit my wardrobe and are just so awesome. Downside? They were $120 including tax. Now, I am okay with paying this amount of money for perfect pair of shoes that I would wear for several years, and that are comfy. Unfortunately, this was not the case. But they were so nice...

What did I end up doing? Well, I'll tell you right after I show off the pair first:

Sadly, I ended up returning them. I could not justify spending that much money on a pair of shoes I were not certain about.
I did hold them for a week or so, just to make sure I wanted to say goodbye to them. And to my surprise, I am relieved and do not regret returning them. I know I would regret keeping them. So I guess this is a goodbye to my pair of shoes I waited over 2 weeks for *sigh* I just hope I find another one that I fall deeply in love with. And hopefully they will feel like clouds on my feet :D

I realize this may sound like I am bragging, however, one of the main reasons I returned them is because I could simply not afford to keep them. So I guess it's more of an admitting that there are things in this life one could live without. Maybe?

Have you ever given up something as such? Something you were unsure of, something that you could not keep for whatever reason?

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