Sunday, June 27, 2010

NYC MAC Pro and MAC In The Groove

As my finals week was in full blast at the university, my mother and stepfather ended up going to New York, for both business and pleasure. Since I've never been and they knew I wanted to go (not desperately enough to miss finals, though!), she offered to get me something from anywhere, as long as it was around where they were going to be located.

So I picked MAC Pro. To be honest, I was always curious to go to the MAC Pro store, and having one in San Francisco (which is about an hour or so away from where I am), I guess I could go myself. However, since it was offered and I had no other ideas, I requested that she get me a couple of items from MAC Pro in NY.

I went ahead and looked up some Pro colors that I would be interested in and/or could not dupe with regular MAC products, and came up with the following: Show Orchid Lipstick, Azalea Blush and Cantaloupe Blush.

After finals week, as I was moving my stuff back home from my uni apartment, I was pleasantly surprised by all three waiting for me in my mother's room:

I was thrilled. But now that I had two Pro pan blushes, I needed a blush palette, which Valley Fair mall (closest freestanding store to me, others being over an hour away) was conveniently out of. I did end up ordering one online, then swapping for one on Now, in possession of two blush palettes, I am looking for more blushes to complement my NW15-20 skin. Eesh. Suggestions welcome. Current fave is Dollymix, and I am glad that it is perm <3On another note, I am very excited about the In The Groove collection that is coming out July 8th! I was not into makeup back when Stereo Rose was released, and it seems like such a wonderful color, that I am glad they are bringing it back. All the talk about it being slightly different color made me wary at first, until I read that it is a bit more friendly to the lighter skinned girls, like myself. I already have a couple of intense MSFs and blushes, so if Stereo Rose is toned down from it's original color, I guess I am okay with that.

Since I have a feeling that it will sell out fast, new formula or not, I placed a pre-order at my local Nordstrom for two of them (I was surprised when the sales girl told me they only received three to begin with!), one as a backup, of course. I also could not resist and ordered a "Go For It" lipstick, which is a mid-tone blue purple (Cremesheen), as I am a sucker for purple lipsticks (my first MAC product was "Up The Amp" lippie~).

What products are you looking forward to? Did you end up pre-ordering any or are you going to rush your counter to get your share? Or is this a collection you are going to pass completely?


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