Thursday, June 10, 2010

Review: Bad Habit Gifts Review


I stumbled upon Bad Habit Gifts while I was browsing Etsy and I was intrigued in trying out the line. She is just starting out, however, the products she has are pretty darn awesome!

When I received my package, it was extremely well packaged, to protect every single piece of makeup within the package, and that made me extremely happy. There are many sellers these days who do not bother wrapping their products, which causes them to spill over or to break completely. Thumbs up for the care for your product!

I got to pick my choice of products, so I went with Strawberry Fields Shadow, White Widow Shadow and Doll Face Veil.

These are the products I was provided with for the review:

The shadow jars are packed to the top, so be careful when opening them:

On the left, the shadows are placed over a primer base (Too Faced Shadow Insurance), while on the right, they are used straight up on my hand:

As with all mineral eyeshadows (and most shadows in general), I suggest putting an eyeshadow base before using them. The colors I picked were subtle, and very soft, which is exactly what I wanted. The photos of the shadows on her website are a great representation of what you will get, so do not be afraid to pick what you like - it is exactly what you will get, no smoke and mirrors here. And the combination of the two colors I got makes a great summer look, which I will post later on~

Another thing I got was a Mineral Veil. I have never used them before, so I was very interested in trying it out. I wore it out on a sunny Santa Cruz day and it made my skin glow. I did have to reapply after about 6 hours, but hey - I am impressed.

Aside from products themselves, the owner is an amazing lady and I ended up following her blog, which lead to us talking on a semi-regular basis. From the start, she was amazingly sweet and great at communication, which leads me to believe she would be great at customer service. Try her out and you will see for yourself!

If you'd like to see what I am talking about, go follow her blog HERE.

Or visit her Etsy store, where you can purchase the awesome eyeshadows and other cosmetics I keep talking about HERE.

I would like to thank Ashlee again for providing the products for my review. She is an amazing person, so go check her out!


  1. can I ask you a question?...
    I have also been thinking of buying such a veil BUT I don´t really know what its purpose is...
    do you apply it all over the face? or only certain areas?
    Sorry, I´m such a noob ^^;
    will check out her account.

  2. @ivan-eht-nioj: The purpose of the veils is to keep the skin from getting all oily throughout the day - basically like powder, but lighter, and transparent. It's light, does not have a color and is very universal. I do suggest asking sellers about their specific veils, however, as they would be more qualified to answer this question in more detail :3

  3. I see^^
    I was a bit scared about taking a white veil thinking that it would have made me look like a ghost or something.
    I´ll try it!!