Sunday, May 15, 2011

New camera: Nikon S6100

Hi, people! Missed you all, so I decided to do a wee bit of a post. Nothing too special, but I thought I'd keep you all in the loop with all that's goin' on in life - plus, it gives me something to do :p

So, my "old" camera, Canon SD600 was my favorite thing in the world since I had gotten it. However, it's been over 5 years and it's gotten a bit sloppier with the photos it takes and the ISO is kind of lagging. Also, it's a 6MP camera, so after all these years, the photos it takes are slightly grainy. For a while now, I thought of getting a new camera, but I am so indecisive that it took me over a year to actually pick one that I liked. I was considering both Nikon and Canon (not so fond of any other camera company, but these two...), considering a dSLR versus a point-and-shoot, and pixels vs. zoom, among other things.

I finally settled on the Nikon S6100. It is 16MP and 7x zoom. It's a point-and-shoot with a powerful punch and a pretty neat manual setting option. The reason I decided to get a simpler, smaller camera is because whenever I go somewhere, I tend to pack light and having a giant dSLR around my neck bothers me. Plus, my father owns a Nikon D90 that I have full access to in case I have something that needs more beautiful capture. So I thought - okay, let's go with this one.

I ordered it from Amazon (no tax, no shipping fees <3), and it took them about three weeks to ship it out (although they estimated it at about 4-5 weeks, which was happy news!), just because it only came out in March. So finally, after the long wait, I finally got my new baby:

The package contains everything I needed and more: one of the CDs contains a large PDF of instructions, troubleshooting, etcetera. Yay happy reading times~

It is a touch-screen (pressure-sensitive, so very unlike iPhone/iPods etc), so you can use your nails, a stylus etc. It does come with a stylus that attaches to the strap, but I find it somewhat useless. Also, one interesting thing about it is that it's the only camera me/my family has owned that charges the battery through connecting it to a wall/computer directly. Usually, I am used to taking the battery out and placing it in the charger for overnight charging (which sometimes causes me to forget the battery and leave my house with camera only!), so I guess this way I will never have camera/battery forgetting issues. Yay!

Pretty and shiny! I chose the black matte one, because it was the most attractive of them all. Generally, I would probably choose a silver one, but there was not one in this collection. They even had red and purple, but no silver - just a super light gold. Icky. So let's go with the black...

The touch-screen is pretty huge, but like everything that is shiny, it attracts fingerprints like a mofo. It's pretty nice and big, but the photos are so large that the images look compressed until you zoom in a bit to see the rest of the image.

It looks so geeky with the strap and the stylus >.<

And because I decided that I am not going to have any scratches on this 'child' of mine, I am keeping it in this leopard makeup bag I got as a bonus from one of the Japanese magazines I constantly purchase, haha.

It fits beautifully and even has some space left over for the charger and the cord if I needed to take it on a longer journey:

So now comes the fun part of testing it out and making sure I want to stick with it. I have taken a few dozen photos with it, and am planning on seeing how the videos turn out. Something I am concerned about is focus during filming. I know my previous camera would not even think about autofocus, and the rest of the cameras my family uses are not really meant for video, so I think that it would be just too perfect if this one could. So we shall see then, huh?

And now I am off to get some noms! So hungry :3
Cheers to all <3

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