Thursday, May 19, 2011

Back into the arts

So, today was my day off, so I decided to go ahead and build a DIY lightbox for photography. Whenever I stumble upon a blog that has professional-looking (note that I am saying professional-looking, not necessarily professional) photos, I tend to stick around, enjoy my time spent looking/reading it and then most likely either bookmark it or "follow/subscribe." Since I am no professional photographer and I don't even claim to be, I don't believe that spending much money on a lightbox would be a wise idea for me, so I decided to ask my dearest friend, Google, "how to make a DIY lightbox." There were a few tutorials that I found and I kind of just smooshed them together and made my lightbox (didn't like any one of them, but the ones I looked at made a great compilation and were super useful!), so it's sitting on top of my artsy-drawers, waiting for lights to be gotten (going off to Home Depot to get something over the weekend, probably, since I don't even own a damn desk lamp...)

I did that. Then I was also at Joann's (getting white fabric to cover the sides/top of the lightbox), and I decided that I should get off my lazy butt and get my sewing machine from under my art desk to do some work. So I purchased some "Fabric Quarters," as they call them and a zipper. The end result turned out to be a pretty neat makeup case that I gave to my mother. A while ago she asked me if I had a perfect sized makeup bag she could borrow for her purse. I didn't - the ones I had were either too small or too bulky. So now she has one. Yay. (Photos later, when I get lights for the light box ^_^)

And then to relax, I decided to do some doodling while re-watching Dexter. Boy, I am so pleased with the things I did. Lately, I have just been working, browsing the internet reading Memebase and Failblog and just being a complete bum, but now it feels like I have the inspiration to do things again, and it makes me a happy camper!
Now, lightbox and makeup case photos will be up later, but since I just finished the drawing, I decided to take a snaphshot of it (since it is not much and just a doodle, it does not need to be all fancy photographed and an iPhone photo will suffice ;P) Enjoy:

I am waaay too rusty with all this artsy stuff for my taste. I am very disappointed that since graduating I have been doing nothing but mundane work. I had no creative outlet and I have a feeling that it's the reason I was so depressed. That and other things, of course, but having no creativity just kills every remaining happy cell. I think that now that I have the inspiration to do things/make stuff, I will be more chipper and may be even blogging more. And hopefully once I get the darn lightbox lights, I shall be flooding this place with pretty photos of useless stuff :3

As a side note, my nails are abnormally long right now. As in...longest I have ever had them. I am pretty sure they are short for some people, but for me (someone who has super brittle and crappy nails), this is so amazing *squee* and I am hoping that they will stay that way for a while, hence I am trying desperately to use as many strengtheners as I can >3< We'll see...

And now, off to bed and work early in the morning...grrrr...

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