Monday, May 23, 2011

Mountain View Art Fair and Family Time

This Saturday, downtown Mountain View had their annual Art Fair/Festival. Generally, I avoid these, because most of the time they are very boring, but Mountain View is so pretty and lively, plus I had not spent a lot of time with my family recently that I decided to go. I also decided to dress up a little for once. It was a pretty warm day and I finally got around to wearing some of the pretty things I had gotten for the summer. So it ended up looking like this:

[The dress is from Forever XXI, cardigan is from A&F, shoes and purse from DSW, and fur cuff from eBay]

The shoes are cork wedges that I bought recently. I have not had cork-soled shoes since I was twelve, and these were super girly-looking, so I decided to get a pair. I have a whole photo pr0n on these coming up soon, but here is a close-up:

One of the main reasons my family wanted to go to this particular fair (aside from liking these kinds of gatherings) was because my step-sister's uncle (mother's side) is in a band and they were performing. Classic Rock band, I believe, whose name I don't remember. Nothing too fancy, but they play these kinds of venues and to my surprise, lots of people knew the words to the songs. They were actually pretty good, but it's not my scene. He's the guy on the keyboard, by the way:

What I like best about these fair-type things is the food. Loving food as much as I do is kind of unhealthy, but I can't help it. It's just too delicious. While waiting for the band to set up, I spun around in a circle and just snapped photos of three places that were just around me:

Some of the art is pretty, too. Most of it is lame and people make lots of money from silly things that they make and overprice, but hey - everyone has a way of making money, right? Mom ended up buying a fairly pretty ceramic vase from an artist from Oregon. His stuff was good. As we were walking around, I did find a painting that I really liked. Not enough to buy and hang of my wall, but enough to have as a memory of this fair. I think it was the cutest thing ever:

Lastly, while mom and I were entertaining ourselves with art, my brother, stepfather and his daughter ate without us (you suck, guys!), so mom and I set on a journey to find delicious noms. We ended up getting huge hot dogs. Nom, I say. We soon realized that we should have just gotten one to share, since we barely finished half each. But what was done was done, so we decided to take them home and give the leftovers to the remaining family member who got to stay behind: our Doberman Joker. Unlike Los Altos street fair, the Mountain View one did not allow pets, so he was left all alone sleeping on our couch. Not a bad deal, after all, eh? Food pr0nz:

To be perfectly honest, my feet were killing me. These shoes are not for three-hour-long walks, I tell you. They are pretty comfortable, but in moderation. Considering that we walked from our house to downtown, I think I did pretty well.

I guess the most important part of this was the family time. It is rare that we do anything together, as we keep crazy schedules, but once in a while hangouts are fun, I would say. Next, I would love to go to the dog beach with our big puppy. TO THE BEACH!

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