Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Inspiration and Lenses

I got home quite late last night after work, so I did not have much time between getting here and crashing to write this, but I think I must write this down, especially because it was so important to me and what I will do in the future.

A few months ago, I did my makeup with little dots under my eyes, using black and white eyeliner: black dot, white dot, black dot, white get it. It opened up my eyes and it was slightly flashy, but not too much, so it was also work - appropriate.

A woman came in to pick up her computer from repairs (hm...I guess this happens to be the first time me even hinting as to what kind of environment I work in ;p) and stopped dead after seeing my face. By hers, I could tell that she spends some time on her appearance and she appreciates makeup. She stared at me for a few seconds, complimented my makeup, followed by "I don't generally compliment people on their makeup. This is very rare for me..." and we spent some time talking about the technique, products and tips. She left happy, partially because she learned something new and because her computer was now fixed and working. Yay.

And this is where yesterday happens. I was just returning from my break when I hear my name called across the floor of my workplace. I turn to see the woman from before speaking to my manager. Apparently she came in just to see me and would not leave until she saw me if I were working that day. I felt flattered. Quite a bit.

Turns out she went to MAC Pro in San Francisco to get the Fluidline (black) and Chromaline (white), the products I had used on myself that time. She had come in to my work to ask me more questions about the technique, because the brush she used did not make the dots as uniform as mine were. About half an hour later, she ended up leaving happy and with things to try out.

This was near the end of my shift, so I had some time to think about this. Someone coming into the store (that has nothing to do with makeup), out of their way, just to talk to me about makeup and how I do it? Man, that was quite a surprise and I was very happy.

So it got me thinking - I think I am going to continue doing this blogging thing and probably expand it into something more - I definitely want to learn more about makeup and beauty and cosmetology. I may or may not actually go into a cosmetology program, but I know I will enjoy learning on my own at least. And possibly teach someone something while I learn :)

*sigh of relief* I think it was a slight revelation for me - I can do something. I can create beautiful things and people actually do notice. This is why they turn around on the street. Well, that, and the fact that I may be slightly insane :3

So that is that. I have decided to work harder at this whole artistic thing, therefore look forward to some awesomeness in the future, loves.

In other news, I came home today to two packages that both contained 2 pairs of Circle Lenses each. One package was from a survey order that I had ordered in...January? They were EOS and there was an issue with shipping etc. etc. but I finally got them. Yay. The other package was from Fynale lens company, where I ordered two pairs as well, after I saw how beautiful the Honoo Red lenses were when Janie got herself a pair. I also ordered Kiwi Blue.

Here are some preview shots, but I have not opened them all yet/tried them out, so there will be detailed reviews coming later:

Honoo Red:

Kiwi Blue:

EOS J-203 in VIOLET:

EOS V-202 in GREEN:

That is all for today. I currently have Kiwi Blue lenses in solution overnight, so they will be the first ones I get around to testing. I am kind of nervous about the red - I want them to succeed so much that I am biased a little. But it shall work out, I promise :D

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