Friday, September 3, 2010

KONAD Nail Art

I am not sure how many of you know about KONAD (I am sure quite a bit of you, especially that YouTube is filled with KONAD tutorials, reviews etcetera), but I LOVE LOVE LOVE Konad. Why? Because I am terrible at doing nail art on my right hand, so my nails end up looking quite different on one hand than the other. WIth KONAD, that possibility is a lot less, and it makes it easier to achieve beautiful nails :DD

I've posted about KONAD before, when I first got my starter kit. Back then, I purchased my items from and they had a coupon code for my readers for some percentage off their order (it was a long time ago, so I don't remember how much it was, sorry). Unfortunately, KONAD USA made them stop the coupon codes, so that was the end of that.

However, owners are generous and amazing, so they keep sending me promotions they come up with, so I can share them with you guys. The latest email was this:

"We are having a promotion offering free product valued at $6.99 for orders over $30 with code "promo699". The $6.99 will be deducted from the order total after checkout. This code will expire on 9/30/10."

Which I thought was great. Earlier that day, I was actually thinking that I should order some more KONAD items, as I really wanted the French tip plate (M19), and a couple more colors. Why the M19 in particular? Well, I was contemplating about going to a high end nail salon and getting (real) gel nails, but the price tag was somewhere around $60, and the nails would have lasted me a couple of weeks - plus, it is kind of hard to use touch-screen devices with artificial nails. And having my job be around touch-screen devices, it is kind of hard to avoid them.

So I did some math and decided to just go with some more KONAD items. With tax, it all came to a bit over $30 ($30 and some cents, I believe) and I can create oh, so many variations of nail art. So all in all, I have expanded my collection a bit and gotten some more inspiration to improve :3

What did I order? Well, this was my little haul:

Of course, items came VERY well packaged. Everything was wrapped tightly in bubble wrap, box was filled with packing peanuts, and there was no space for anything to break. This photo was taken after I took off the bubble wrap:

I got the two sided stamper and an extra scraper, because when I ordered my first KONAD set, it came with one sided stamp, and this one just seems so much more practical:

The lovely M19 French tip plate:

Top coat, because other top coats still smear the images, which drives me INSANE:

Special polish in PINK. Because I don't have pink. And as much as I am not so much with the girly, I do like Hime nails, so I believe this will go beautifully:

I am, however, into reds, so WINE RED seemed like a beautiful addition to the collection:

GASP! Things out of their packaging! (why does packaging have to be so pretty? I want to keep it ~.~):

Oh, did you notice the nails art I had in these pictures? Well, I also took a snapshot of them with my phone and Purikura-d it. I used the MARRON iPhone app for those of you who are intersted:

And just because I have been slacking off and not posting anything other than reviews lately, here's a FOTD with Mamegoma, whom I am absolutely in love with and is my current obsession. Freaky coloring, because I was extremely tired and didn't want to do any actual photo correcting to make myself look good O_O

Do you guys use KONAD? If so, post your designs or your favorite product recommendations, I would love to hear them :DD

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  1. I LOVE Konading.
    What a nice haul you got.
    I use a plastic scraper that Konad came out with as the metal one scratches the plate. :) I have the double ended stamper too but never seem to use the small end. LOL.
    Konading is so much fun and can't wait to see tons of Konading from you. :)