Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Review: VersiCOMB


Let me start by saying that I hate combs with fiery passion. I have pretty thick hair, and unfortunately am very prone to split ends, which means that I end up with tangles and tangles of hair. This makes brushing my hair quite a challenge. Even with a slight blow of wind, my hair goes into a frenzy, therefore I must always carry a brush in my purse.

This poses a problem, however. I prefer smaller size purses, yet small combs do not work for my hair - they rip the tangles and I end up in tears from the pain. Ouch is all I can say. So what did I do? I cut my hair short. Solves the problem, right? Wrong. My hair is still the same texture, except shorter. Eek.

And this is where Melissa comes in. I got an email from her after a post I made, and she offered to send me her invention to try out - the VersiComb. I was flattered and intrigued at the same time - I had a feeling that this would be something exciting to try out, so I agreed. Not too long after that, a package showed up at my door and there was the VersiComb - all bubble wrapped and beautiful:

I quickly took it out of the package and snapped some shots before using it. I was pleasantly surprised that it came with its own pouch (this means that the comb itself would not be scuffed in my oh-so-busy-purse).

When folded, it is pretty compact, which means that it can fit even into the back pocket of most pants, which sounds great.

When open, however, it is pretty sizable, which means that it is good for both short and long hair (yay!).

After I was satisfied with the photos I took, I immediately tiptoed to my mirror and used the comb on my messy hair-do (come on...it was the middle of the day). I was amazed how smoothly it went though the tangles in my hair - it was probably the most satisfying feeling I've had while brushing my hair.

The two sides of the comb are slightly different from one another. One side has narrow comb teeth with boar's hair and nylon bristles, while the other side has wide comb teeth, to suit the many hair types out there. Whether you have straight, wavy, curly or combination hair, it will work great on all.

For me, the best part about this was that it was pretty darn tiny for a tool that can do so much with my hair. I no longer have to carry around a huge hairbrush, so that it does not hurt to brush my intricate hair, VersiComb fits well among the rest of my cosmetics without taking up too much space. SCORE!

The design is also pretty neat. The handle part looks like marbled ivory, which makes it look pretty neutral and classy, with simple bristles - a universal design. It has been in several of my purses (and a backpack!) for about a month now and I keep taking it wherever I go. Now, any time wind blows and messes up my oh-so-tangly hair, I no longer have to dread the brushing. VersiComb makes it quite a smooth ordeal and it makes me very happy.

I want to thank Melissa for the opportunity to review her wonderful creation and write a review on it. I hope that you will stop by her site and check out the product yourselves - I promise you will not regret it <3please go visit VersiComb if you are interested in purchasing your own. The price of the VersiComb and the pouch is $14.95 - pretty affordable for something so convenient and useful! Also, Melissa is such a sweet and helpful person - she will answer any questions you may have before purchasing.



  1. Do you only use it on the go or also as part of your morning routine?

  2. @ Kitaia: I only use it on the go, as I have a morning hair routine with my older hair brushes that I am so used to :)