Thursday, June 3, 2010

Review: My Lip Stuff


I received three lip balms from My Lip Stuff for review: Pineapple Cake, Smores, and Vanilla Buttercream. It always takes me a while to write reviews for such products, as I like to try them out for a while and get used to them before giving my opinion, so I apologize in advance for lateness.

This is how they came packaged. The packaging is simple and cute, and attached is a business card:

Close-up of the flavors I received:

The amount of lip balm you get is pretty good for the price. Starting at $2.50, you pick the flavors you want. And with over 500 flavors to choose from, you cannot go wrong.

The balm itself is very moisturized and is great for dry and chapped lips.

It is on the glossy side, however, it is not sticky.

The first one I opened was Pineapple Cake. The smell was pretty strong and it remotely tastes like pineapple when on your lips. I did not find the smell to be overpowering, but I cannot say if all the flavors are like that. I have a feeling that heavier scents will smell a bit stronger, but as I have not tried them, I cannot say for sure.

After using the balm for about a week daily, I found that I prefer to use it as a moisturizing balm for the night. I used to have a problem where I would bite my lips when they were chapped, so I would always use Carmex before I go to bed. One problem is that it tastes very unpleasant and is a bit too greasy. My Lip Stuff solved that problem: I would put it on just before going to bed, and would wake up with soft and moist lips, without the greasy effect.

The labels are very simple, and I can see how some may find them a bit tacky. However, you have the choice to customize your labels, which would solve that problem. For me, lip balm packaging is not too important - it's the product that matters. There are tons of lip products out there and many of them have much more intricate packaging, however, I would still pick this product over them. Why? Because I would rather have a good product than pretty packaging :)

Overall, I would recommend at least trying this out. For $2.50, the choice of flavors and the service is hard to beat. As a matter of fact, Brea, the person I communicate with throughout this review process mentioned that they would do a giveaway open worldwide. The winner gets 6 randomly picked lip balms shipped to them. What do you guys think? Would you be interested in this wonderful product? I will post details soon!

A couple of other notes:
- They do NOT test on animals
- You can customize the label on the lip products, which makes a great wedding favor, business advertisement, parties, etcetera
- Over 500 different flavors: there's something for everyone~

I want to thank Brea and My Lip Stuff for providing me with the products to review. Please visit them and tell me what you think. What's the flavor that catches your eye?

To purchase your own lip products, please visit them at My Lip Stuff.


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  1. 500 different scents??? whoa! Lovely review! I use some lip balm at night too and I hate to wake up with a greasy feeling on my lips...