Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Spotlight: Oliveology

Part II of the of the "Sunday Spotlight" series. I have to mention right off the bat that I did receive a sample of this product for review consideration, however, since I had been religiously using this product for over a year now and have repurchased it for my own money, I can still add this to the series without feeling guilty. Enjoy!

Oliveology Natural Shave Gel

Comes in two sizes: 8oz bottle - $12 and 2oz bottle - $5. You can purchase them at Oliveology Website, or you could get it from Amazon, with free shipping options etc.

It claims:
- In addition to shaving hairs, your razor leaves your skin completely receptive to nourishing moisturizers. Shaving regularly with Oliveology will keep your skin moist and supple
- Besides olive oil, other carefully chosen ingredients in Oliveology are; aloe vera, sap from the sangre de grado tree, and antioxidant vitamins A, D and E
- Most shave products contain irritating chemicals, which dries the skin. Oliveology contains no irritating chemicals, and in fact will moisturize your skin
- 100% All Natural - Made with Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil
- Easy To Use - A fast, easy and economical solution to obtaining 'A Perfect Shave'
- Extends life of blade - Oil lubricants in Oliveology keep razors from dulling or rusting
- High Lubricity - Helps razors cleanly slice the hair shaft, reducing ingrown hairs
- Conditions - Natural conditioners soften coarse hairs to reduce razor drag.

Personal experience:
Like I mentioned above, I was in contact with Oliveology and they sent me two of their 8oz bottles of shave gel to test out and review (quite a while ago, actually). I used it, loved it, got lazy to review, ran out, and bought more. I haven't used any other shave products in a year, because I do love these products and I still have some left! My favorite parts were about how moisturizing the gel was and how long the shave lasts. Usually, after shaving, I would have to moisturize with lotions or use baby lotion, but with Oliveology Shave Gel, I do not have to. The shave lasts about 4-5 days, when I usually get a good stubble by day 2-3 with other shave products. Another lovely thing is the packaging - where the aerosol packaged shave gels are pretty big with tiny amount of product in them. With this product, what you see is what you get, and if you go traveling, you can always pour some into a travel container. It's perfect. A very small amount is needed to cover a large area and while I've been using it for over a year, I've gone through 2.5 bottles right to this point. Worth it? I think so! Would I recommend this product? YES! Especially if you are interested in trying a different product from the ever so popular shave gels in the aerosol containers. TSA- friendly, too~

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