Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Did you know that MyGlam is having a giveaway on their Facebook Page? You can win an Urban Decay Medium Vault, full of 30 of their new eye-shadows just for posting your favorite eye-shadow look!

"FIRST GIVEAWAY ALERT: Glammies, Get your chance to win your very own Urban Decay Medium Vault with 30 new eye shadows. Simply upload a photo of your favorite eye look and write in the caption what your favorite Urban Decay eyeshadow color is and why. We want to see your looks on you and if you can squeeze in how you'll use your new Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Pencil, that would be great, too! Can't wait to see all of your fabulous photos! The contest will run until the end of the month. Good luck, Glammies! xoxo"

I was about to slap on some eye-shadow, just like I do every morning, just before heading out...but then I realized that it would just be an insult to do that. Instead, I sat down with pen and paper and designed something special as a tribute to the Glam Girls. I may have taken this contest a little bit too seriously and went full out.
The Glam Girls and the whole team work so hard and long hours on our bags and all the questions they get sent, that I believe they deserve something in return. I hope they enjoy the end product of my imagination, knowing that I was thinking of them throughout the design :D

I'd used absolutely everything from the April Glam Bag in this look, as well as some items I got from Dermstore with the MyGlam coupon. Use ALL the things!
The rest of the products used will also be listed as I post full photos of them--

Side note: I LOVE the All Belle lashes. They are very easy to attach and they are quite nice to wear! So for those who were complaining about them - please give them a chance :)

I spent a few hours on this, specifically:
Sketch design: 45 minutes
Nails: 1 hour
Wig styling: 30 minutes
Makeup application: 1 hour
Removal: 15 minutes (sooo much makeup XD)
Total time: 3.5 hours (oh, boy!)

The theme is all based on my favorite UD eye-shadow, which is "Alice" (Painkiller). MyGlam also hoped we'd use the new UD 24/7 Glide-On Pencils we got in our Glam Bags, which I did :D I got "Junkie" and it was perfect for my waterline. It's so beautiful!

Would I wear this out? Yes. Especially when I am working makeup on a show, I like looking nice and flashy, makes for a great ice-breaker and conversation starter. The actors/models relax easier if they see that I am serious ^_^

Enough useless ramble, here come some photos:

I decided not to do any edits on the photo, except for cropping. I felt like it would be cheating if I tweaked anything else :p

Do you see the "fish-scales?" Yep! Easily achieved with a fishnet stocking or tulle fabric! Interesting designs can be achieved with lace or lace fabric as well! Try it out sometime~

I used "Junkie" as a lip-liner, which is quite easy to work with, even though it's not meant for lips...

"O-ho-ho-ho-ho~" What was so funny? Oh, just the mess I was making with all the makeup scattered absolutely everywhere! Also a nice way to see a close-up of the nail decoration.

A full set of nails. It may not look it, but I'd used three different types of glitter on these. Yikes! Speak of being a perfectionist. Or maybe it's just because I am an artist...who can tell :p

Here are the nail polishes used in the decoration of these nails: Rimmel [Green with Envy], China Glaze [Snow Globe], OPI [Absolutely Alice], Winmax [not sure on color - gotten at Daiso]

My favorite Urban Decay eye-shadow: Alice (original name: Painkiller). I like how they re-named the eye-shadows in the Alice in Wonderland palette~

The other eye-shadow I used was Inglot 338, which is a blue-teal matte eye-shadow and it's incredibly easy to work with. So much love~

The rest of the products used: Dermstore [Lip Quench], Urban Decay [S&M], Bobbi Brown [Black Ink], MAC [Teal Pigment], MyGlam Brushes, Urban Decay [Junkie], All Belle Lashes.

Overall look, including full face, wig and nails~
Man, I wish I could rock the teal lips every day! This makes me so happy for some reason~

And the dorky reflection photo...mmm...delicious! pre-styling wig, so excuse the messies~

What do you guys think? Was the work worth 3.5 hours? Are you guys going to participate in the giveaway? I would be ecstatic to get such a delicious prize! Come on - 30 eye-shadows from Urban Decay! So amazing!


  1. I love the look! You look absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Thank you, Janie <3
    It means a lot to me, coming from a beautiful girl like yourself ^_^