Thursday, January 27, 2011


I have an obsession with socks. Not too fancy, not anything insane and super expensive, but I love socks. In particular, knee high socks, or just-over-the-knee socks.

Last time I purchased a large(er?) amount of knee socks was about three years ago, when Target was having knee-high sock packages for fairly cheap. I think I purchased about 3 packages, totaling in 6 pairs of awesome socks.

Three years later, and the socks have some holes in them on the soles/backs of my feet (pretty good for cheap socks!), and so I had decided to take a road trip to the nearest Target (which is about 30 min away on freeway) and try and find some socks.

I was happy to find that they had lots of socks. ON CLEARANCE. So...a pair of socks for $1.40-$2...Can I do that? HELL YES, I CAN DO THAT. So I think I grabbed about 8-9 pairs and happily skipped to the sports equipment department where my roommate was looking at knee pads. Ended up deciding against a couple of pairs after taking a second look, but I stuck with 6 pairs of new knee-high socks. YAY. This has been long overdue~

Now, it is time to raid the closet and throw away ALL of the old pairs. NEW SOCK SEASON, HERE I COME :D

Target was not the only place I wanted to go in the shopping plaza, as I had done my research well. There was also a Sally's Beauty Supply store and hey - I needed some gel nail products.

I spent all last night (instead of doing homework) looking up gel nail tutorial videos on YouTube and I was inspired again. My nails are extremely fragile right now, because just before New Year, I went to a salon to get acrylics done and the lady ruined my nails completely. Not only did she drill my cuticle 'til my skin was all gone, she also made them look all bulky and gross. I could not stand it, so I took them off the following day, and just applied tons and tons of repair nail products to soften the damage. Now, to the point. Since my nails are so fragile, I have decided to try doing my gel nails again, and to find the rest of the products I needed. I had chosen IBD to be my gel product brand, mostly because it is so accessible, it is on the cheaper side compared to other products, and it is legit (none of that black market stuff). So this is what my shopping list consisted of:

- Clear Builder Gel (I had the overlay gel, but it seems like I am slightly silly and did not realize I would need a builder gel. No wonder my nails did not last long~)
- Clear tips (I wanted clear, just because then I can paint it any color, put any sparkle and they would look awesome. To be honest, I think french tips are beginning to look tacky to me)
- Tip clipper (I COULD order this for cheap off eBay, but I was there anyway, and I had a Sally's card, so it did not make me too poor. The reason I wanted this, though, is because any time I use large clippers that are not specifically for tips, I feel like I am damaging and putting too much stress on my already crappy nails. So I hope this helps)
- Nail buffer (because my other one's getting a bit dull)
- Nail file (100/100 grit. I have a 180 grit, so I thought this may be appropriate)
- Nail wipes (these are lint-free, meaning that they are perfect for removing that sticky residue after curing gel nails)
- Cleanser plus (this is what will remove the sticky residue)
- Some nail decoration (I have quite a large collection, but these tiny beads just made me happy, so I had to pick some up)

Now, all I have left is to go over to my other home (too many homes. I miss having all my stuff in one place, so I don't have to go "hm...I can't do [blank], because my supplies are at the other house"), pick up my supplies and spend an evening doing my nails. Oooh, I hope they turn out well. Will there be photos? YES THER WILL :D

Speaking of photos, here are some I took of the stuff I managed to get today. Socks are my favorite. The hair dye is for my hair (obviously), because the red has already washed out and I need another dose (hair dye - my new drugs :D). Oh, and mint + melon nom nom.

I feel like I have been slacking with entries. I wonder what I should do to remedy that. It is just...I am so lazy it is impossible haha.


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